Supermarket Staff Benefits: Electronic Shelf Label System To Free Hands, Improve Work Efficiency

Time:2022.04.17     Author:sertag

Changing price tags is one of the biggest daily tasks for supermarket staff.  Because labeling is tedious and time-consuming.  With the rapid development of science and technology, electronic shelf label system has replaced part of the supermarket manual, as a new "fresh force" label  
At present, the most widely used in supermarkets is the traditional label bar, also called the price bar, used for the price of goods, traditional shelf labels are paper labels, there are the following disadvantages:  
1. Manual error rate is relatively high  
2. There is the problem of price tag loss  
3. It takes a long time to modify the price tag  
4, labor and other costs are increasing  
5, paper price tag is not environmental protection  
To sum up, the advantages of electronic shelf labels are very obvious.  In Europe and the United States and other developed countries, the use of electronic shelf label has become a trend, each electronic shelf label through wired or wireless network connected to the mall database, the latest commodity prices through the electronic shelf label display