Application Scenario Of Electronic Shelf Labels In Fresh Supermarket

Time:2022.04.14     Author:sertag

Electronic price tags are widely used in display of product content, promotion and other aspects.  
Electronic price tags have already been used in large shopping malls at home and abroad, such as Wal-Mart and unmanned retail stores.  
Timely price change, improve sales conversion rate  
Fresh supermarkets are different from ordinary supermarkets, mainly focusing on fresh food, such as meat, vegetables, fruits, seafood and so on.  Therefore, the timely price change function of electronic shelf label is very suitable for fresh supermarket.  Because fresh supermarket products have a short shelf life, they need to be sold in the right time.  Therefore, the freshness of the product is often related to the price, and the timely price change is particularly important.  Good commodity price is satisfactory, sell naturally fast.  The timely price change feature of Sertag electronic shelf labels helps boost sales of fresh supermarkets.  
Screen display content, with promotions  
At the same time, Sertag electronic shelf labels and color price tags, when the fresh suppliers need to timely dispose of inventory products or promote new products, can use Sertag color shelf labels to carry out promotional activities, will also increase product sales.  
Electronic shelf edge labels in specific environments help to provide customer satisfaction  
Sertag digital price tags , according to the characteristics of fresh supermarket, developed low temperature electronic shelf labels, and IP 67 waterproof electronic shelf labels, which contribute to customer satisfaction.