The Electronic Shelf Edge Labels(ESL) Market Has Accelerated The Rapid Development of New Retail And Related Industries

Time:2022.04.13     Author:sertag

Under the impact of the epidemic, domestic and foreign retailers have encountered a series of problems, such as insufficient manpower in stores and increased online orders, which have contributed to the rise of new retail industry.  Electronic shelf labels have the advantages of low power consumption, effectively reduce labor costs, so the demand for electronic shelf labels is increasing, but also promote the development of related industries. 
Because of high technical barrier and low competition, epaper film  industry has been in a monopoly state.  Therefore, the price of epaper display products has been high.  At the same time, there are not many epaper display  manufacturers involved in China.  But affected by epidemic, electronic shelf label as the main carrier of new retail, price tag demand continues to expand, showing a rapid growth momentum, promoting the electronic shelf label manufacturers and electronic shelf label technology to constantly improve and improve. 
In short, the digital shelf label market has accelerated the rapid development of new retail and related industries