What is the pick to light (PTL) system and the benefits?

Time:2021.10.26     Author:sertag

  Picking light system is a simple but powerful system designed to simplify your warehouse picking operations, improve efficiency, productivity and picking accuracy while reducing costs. PTL is an order fulfillment technology designed to improve the accuracy and efficiency of picking while reducing costs. It is paperless; It uses muilt-displays and buttons in storage locations to guide employees to fix the selections, placement, sorting and assembly with light assistance.
  The standard technology works like this:
   operator scans the barcode of items attached to the containers, such as transport cartons. Then the e-ink display (usually led light) of the system will light up to illuminate a path and guide the operator to the specified storage location. There, the system will indicate how many and which items need to be selected. The operator picks up the object, puts it into the storage container, and then presses the button to confirm the picking. The system continues, illuminating each area until all items are selected and placed in their respective containers.
Depending on PTL system, additional options are available. Generally, in addition to the LED display, pick to light also provides a confirmation button and more detailed description and options. For example, the system you choose may allow employees to record basic data, such as Goods size; Other systems can specify special instructions, order numbers, regional directions, and other information.
  What are the benefits of PTL system for your warehousing?
  In terms of warehousing operations, PTL system is an excellent tool for increasing productivity and efficiency and reducing picking errors. there's something more important than that as below.
  Ease-use. Traditional picking training for operators can take hours or even longer, depending on the size and complexity of the warehouse. With an efficient lighting system, you can reduce your training time.
  Integration. you can integrate the PTL system with your existing warehouse management system (WMS), enterprise Resource planning (ERP), or other host systems for better warehouse control. More advanced pick to point systems can generate pick rate reports, analyze productivity and other indicators, account for differences in workspace size to account for labor requirements for production to order.
  Efficiency. PTL systems are often organized by your existing workspace, which helps reduce walking and thus increase efficiency. In addition, if the order needs to pass through multiple workspaces, the "pick to Light" system will follow the order, helping to reduce idle time.
  Paperless. Combined with the benefits of improved efficiency, it is important to note the benefits of paperless picking systems. The operator saves time by eliminating the need to flip through paper records.
  Accuracy. The greatest benefit of picking light systems is the reduction of picking errors. Help us improve order performance and turn attracts our customers.
  Costs. The biggest costs of traditional picking up way is warehouse operation. then when you implement PTL systems with fewer walks, shorter order fulfillment times, and higher order accuracy, these factors will bring the major benefit to your warehouse.