The advantages of RFID electronic tags

Time:2021.10.06     Author:sertag

  With the continuous development of Internet of things technology, RFID or NFC electronic tag has been widely used in many industries and integrated into modern people's life. Compared with traditional bar code and QR code tags, RFID electronic tag has been widely recognized and favored by the market with its unique advantages. What are its advantages?
  1. Super anti-interference. One of its most important advantages is non-contact recognition. It can work in sharp and harsh environments, and has strong penetration. It can quickly identify and read labels.
  2. High security. RFID electronic tags can not only be embedded or attached to products of different shapes and types, but also set password protection for the reading and writing of tag data. This technology is difficult to be counterfeited and invaded, so it has higher security.
  3. The data capacity of RFID tag is very large. It can be expanded to 10K according to the needs of users, which is much higher than the capacity of 2725 numbers of QR code bar.
  4. Easy to read. RFID electronic tag uses radio frequency to write and identify information data, which is non-contact. Its data reading does not need light source, and can penetrate objects to block the identification of electronic tag, which is more convenient. When the active tag with its own battery is adopted, the effective identification distance is larger, which can reach more than tens of meters.
  5. Long service life. Because of its strong anti-interference, RFID tags are not easy to be damaged and have a long service life.
  6. Data can be changed. The information of the traditional barcode cannot be modified, but the RFID printing equipment can write or change data to the RFID electronic tag, so as to endow the RFID tag with the function of interactive portable data file. Moreover, the RFID writing time is faster than printing the barcode, and the data writing work is more efficient.
  7. Wide range of applications. RFID electronic tag adopts radio communication mode, which can be applied to high pollution environment and radioactive environment such as dust and oil pollution, and can maintain normal operation even in extreme weather. Moreover, its closed packaging makes its service life much longer than the printed bar code. It can store permanent data and non permanent data, which is very durable.