Case analysis of WMS warehouse management system design(Part two)

Time:2021.09.15     Author:sertag

2、 Docking advantages of RFID and WMS systems
(1) Quick receipt / issue management
When the goods enter the warehouse, fixed RFID reading equipment shall be installed at the entrance of the warehouse or the goods in the warehouse shall be automatically identified through handheld devices. Since each package is equipped with electronic tags, single products can be identified. At the same time, due to the multi reading of RFID, many tags can be identified at one time, so as to realize rapid warehousing.
(2) Personnel management with different levels of authority
Personnel management can be divided into authority personnel management and VIP personnel management.
1. Management of authorized personnel:
① Classify and manage the personnel and their authority by distributing and wearing RFID cards to the personnel involved in warehouse management
② Personnel information comparison function to judge personnel access authority;
③ Multi level user permissions, enabling different personnel to have different access permissions and access and storage permissions;
④ The result output function is matched with the LCD, and the management results are easy to display;
⑤ The system interacts with the database through personnel access time records, stores data information, and records in real time for convenient query.
⑥ Through the deployment of special RFID electronic tags on pallets, the positioning of goods can be realized, and rapid inventory and warehousing operations can be realized.
2. VIP personnel management:
Leaders wear exclusive VIP tags. When the tags enter the antenna range, the LED display will display the preset welcome words.
(3) Visual inventory management
Click each shelf to query the shelf inventory in real time. Each item has a label containing an electronic chip, which can display a quick inventory and timely understand the inventory information, so as to control the reasonable inventory
(4) Clear location management
Electronic labels shall be pasted on shelves or exclusive cargo spaces to accurately locate cargo spaces. The significance of location positioning lies in:
① Quickly and accurately find the specific location of the goods;
② The location label contains the specific cargo information on the location to facilitate the search of goods;
③ It is convenient for counting. When counting, just scan the location information;
④ Convenient for automatic operation.
(5) Fast inventory and accurate search management
Rapid inventory can be realized through shelf labels and pallet labels. At the same time, the target items can be found quickly due to the corresponding relationship between shelf labels and items stored on shelves.
For example, if you need to take item a, you only need to enter the item name a in the system to quickly know the storage location, quantity and other accurate information of item a.
(6) Turn ordinary forklift into intelligent forklift
Install special RFID reader and display on the forklift, and send instructions to the driver through the system. The forklift driver only needs to operate according to the commands provided by the system. For example, when the system receives the instruction to take a roll of XX cable, the system will automatically analyze the storage location and inventory of this type of cable, and arrange the driver to pick it up directly at a certain cargo location based on the principle of first in first out.
(7) Change ordinary vehicles into intelligent transportation platform that can realize real-time monitoring
Through the logistics transportation GPS monitoring service management system, we can manage and make good use of logistics transportation vehicles, understand the driving conditions of vehicles at any time, and ensure the safety of vehicles and people as much as possible.
(8) Good expansibility and foresight
The system has good expansion ability, can easily realize seamless connection with the existing system of the enterprise, and has strong forward-looking ability, and can well realize future expansion.