How about Electronic paper and its characteristics

Time:2021.08.29     Author:sertag

  Electronic paper is a kind of ultra-thin and ultra light display screen. The display effect is like ordinary paper. It is comfortable to read, and can be converted and refreshed to display new content like common LCD. Electronic paper can still maintain the original picture after power failure and has certain memory ability. Electronic paper has the advantages of bistable line, reflective display, environmental protection and energy saving, light and portable. At present, it is mainly used in the field of media, personal electronic products, digital publishing, geographic information display, etc.
  Electronic ink(Eink) technology is commonly known as electronic ink. Electronic ink is coated on a layer of plastic film, and then coated with thin film transistor (TFT) circuit, which is controlled by driving IC to form pixel graphics, creating electronic paper displays, EPD. The raw materials used for electronic ink are similar to the printing industry, but integrate the knowledge and technology in the fields of chemistry, physics, electronic circuit and so on, This new material, e-ink, has come out. The biggest difference between e-paper and other display technology is that e-paper is a reflective and bistable display technology, so it looks almost the same as traditional paper visually, so it can create eye protection and energy-saving benefits.
  Eink also provides three-color electronic ink system, which is especially suitable for the application of electronic shelf label (ESL) and intelligent conference table. The operation principle of three-color electronic ink system is similar to that of two-color system. Different voltages are applied to make particles of different colors move to the upper layer and see different colors. Application of three color system in micro cup technology ®) Developed under the architecture.
  Will the response time of electronic paper display screen be very slow? The reaction speed of electronic paper is about 50-100 milliseconds. It is suitable for daily still pictures and slow switching frequency. Compared with the traditional display screen, it has many advantages, such as paper like texture, visibility in the sun, ultra-low power consumption and so on. Why can the electronic paper display stand by for a long time? When the electronic paper is not powered on, the screen will not disappear and can still be displayed continuously. The electronic paper display uses bistable technology, which consumes power only when changing the picture, and does not consume power when the picture is still. Compared with other display products, it has very excellent power-saving performance. The electronic paper display screen can be read normally in the sun without backlight. The environmental light source is used to hit the electronic paper display screen, and then refract the light to the viewer's eyes, which is no different from the visual principle of traditional paper or objects in life. Therefore, the brighter the environmental light source is, the clearer the electronic paper is, and the wider the 180 ° viewing angle is.
  Why does electronic paper display screen protect eyes? The electronic paper display screen can reflect the ambient light, while the display screens of other technologies use the strong backlight adjusted by liquid crystal. These light sources are directly directed into the eyes, which is very easy to cause dry eyes, visual fatigue, and blue light will cause eye lesions and other problems. Therefore, the electronic paper display screen without backlight module can ensure eye health.
  The electronic paper display screen can be bent without damage. It is as light as paper and can be wound and folded at will. The very portable electronic paper display screen is made of flexible substrate material. It can not only bend and change the shape freely, get rid of the shape constraints of traditional displays, but also be more solid and not easy to break, greatly reducing the damage probability of end products. It has obvious advantages in both thickness and weight because of its simple structure and the material based on soft plastic film.