Application technology of electronic shelf label in logistics management system

Time:2021.08.14     Author:sertag

   With the continuous popularization of the Internet all over the world, the degree of automation of enterprise production logistics management is becoming higher and higher. Some characteristics of bar codes, which were widely used in the past, can no longer meet the current era in some aspects. This era is the network era and the information age, The characteristic of this era is the highly automated and intelligent management of goods and logistics. In order to meet the needs of the times, the bar code will be replaced by an intelligent electronic label. The characteristics of RF wireless electronic label can just replace the traditional bar code technology. The label will be a more powerful intelligent application mode of enterprise production management and logistics management system in the future.
   Although the radio frequency electronic tag has received extensive attention, in fact, the radio frequency electronic tag is not a technology only now, but it is rarely used. It is only used in some characteristic fields, such as factory automatic production line, item management in warehouse or station ticket checking. However, with the development of decades, this technology has become more and more advanced, so it has been applied to the logistics management system. Compared with the past, this technology has been very mature, and the form is becoming smaller and smaller. Moreover, compared with the past, the cost is also greatly reduced, so it is more and more suitable for the management of commodity packaging and logistics. Because of this series of reasons, the application of logistics management system to electronic label technology has become a general trend.
   So what are the advantages of running electronic ESLs in logistics management system?
   The biggest advantage of using electronic label technology in logistics management system is that it does not need light source, can read data through external materials and, and the distance of reading data is longer and the time consumption is shorter. In addition, multiple tags can be processed, which means that work efficiency will be improved. In addition, compared with the past, the security is also higher, because the tag to data access is password protected, so it is not cracked if you want to crack. In addition, the service life of the electronic tag is longer, which can easily embed or attach the electronic tag to products of different shapes and types in a worse environment.