Comparison between Traditional Picking and PTL Intelligent Picking System

Time:2021.07.30     Author:sertag

  The common picking methods are picking type (DPS) and seeding type (DAS), which are introduced as follows.
  DPS operation principle: for each order, the picker selects and centralizes the goods one by one according to the goods information on the order to the corresponding storage location manually. The advantage is that there is no follow-up operation on orders, low requirements on personnel skills, simple and direct; The disadvantage is that single order picking is inefficient.
  DAS operation principle: gather multiple orders in a certain period of time into a batch, summarize the quantity of goods according to the type of goods, and the warehouse personnel pick the goods according to the goods, and then correspond to each picking list by sorting. The advantage is that multiple orders are picked at the same time, with high efficiency; The disadvantage is that it requires high personnel skills. After picking, you need to split and pick the order.
  Traditional picking: no matter what kind of picking method is used, the picking process of traditional picking needs to print the picking list to manually find the warehouse location for picking. In the process of picking, the picking operation needs to be carried out according to the location and personal experience. If there are many types of locations and materials, there will be repeated paths and too long, which will affect the picking efficiency. In addition, if the warehouse space is large and the picking area span is wide, the handling will also become a difficulty.
  PTL intelligent picking: single order picking or multi order consolidation can be selected. The light is on to guide the materials to be picked and intelligently optimize the picking path; The electronic tag for picking up materials with LED can display the quantity of materials to be picked up for misplacement; The picking electronic tag with display screen can display the picture, inventory quantity, picking quantity and warehousing quantity of materials to be picked. Some tags support label warehousing.
  Advantages of PTL intelligent picking: paperless, light guidance, material to be picked, material picking quantity indication, material picking product indication, inventory reminder, intelligent planning of material picking path; The traditional picking efficiency is greatly improved and the comparison rate is greatly reduced; Reduce the requirements for employees' skills and reduce the dependence of picking on highly skilled employees.