Application Prospect of RFID Technology in Military Logistics

Time:2021.07.21     Author:sertag

  Frequency identification technology has a good development prospect in the field of military logistics. RFID technology is applied in military material support to realize the whole process visibility of material support from the supply to the demand, realize the real-time tracking and command control of battlefield materials in transit, and improve the current situation of military material support
  1. Speed up the speed of material support. The application of RFID tag technology realizes real automatic identification without manual intervention, greatly speeds up the processing speed of various businesses, accelerates the delivery of required materials to the battlefield, and improves the emergency response capability of military logistics support.
  2. It realizes the complete visualization of the whole military logistics supply chain and eliminates excess inventory. The application of RFID technology not only greatly improves the management efficiency of each node of the military logistics supply chain (such as warehouse, distribution center, etc.), but also realizes the real-time tracking and monitoring of the in transit support materials, so that the logistics commanders can master the real-time dynamic data of the logistics supply chain, and realize the complete visualization of the entire logistics system. Therefore, it creates conditions for the realization of joint inventory. The logistics command organization can be divided into warehouses in different regions for unified scheduling, reasonably adjust the storage structure of guarantee materials, and eliminate redundant inventory reserves.
  3. Realize the information warehouse management. The application of RFID technology in our army's warehouse material management can effectively solve the information management related to the warehouse material flow. It can not only grasp the relevant information of these goods, but also enable the warehouse to quickly and accurately understand its own inventory level, and prevent the possible shortage caused by the loss of goods and statistical errors. The use of RFID based wireless technology can greatly improve the efficiency of goods transportation, warehousing, inventory, the whole delivery process does not even need the participation of people. When the materials pass through the RFID reader installed in the location, the inventory will be automatically completed, and the data will be transmitted to the background management information system by WLAN, so that the command center can get the real-time material storage information. The use of RFID technology can also quickly and accurately locate in a large number of materials and equipment, and find the urgently needed items.
  4. Realize the real-time tracking control of materials in transit. RFID technology is very convenient for tracking materials in transit. It can label military materials by telephone, set up RF information reading points along the way of material support, install RFID information readers, and connect with the whole military logistics information platform. When the material passes through these information reading points, the reader automatically reads the data from the electronic tag and transmits it to the database of the material management system in transit to realize information sharing. So that commanders at all levels can obtain the correct support information in real time, and track, record and locate the movement of materials in the whole supply chain, so that the command organization can not only understand the location and material status of the support materials in the whole battlefield in real time, but also monitor the whole process status of the support materials from the support area to the demand area in real time. Through the wireless command system, the command organization can also command and dispatch the materials in transit in real time according to the change of battlefield form, realize the dynamic optimal allocation of battlefield resources, make the limited resources play the maximum support potential, and improve the efficiency of military logistics support.
  5. Achieve camp access control management. RFID technology can also be applied to personnel and vehicle access management in military areas. When a person or vehicle passes the reader, the reader can quickly and accurately record the information of the passing vehicle and personnel and the passing time. At the same time, it can also judge whether it is allowed to pass, automatically control the door switch, and strictly control the access management. Military and civil integration of military logistics is becoming more and more important, and RFID technology occupies a very important position in military logistics. With the gradual improvement and maturity of RFID technology, military logistics technology is bound to make great progress, which is bound to make great changes in our military logistics support, so as to better adapt to the needs of high-tech local war material support.
  From the above analysis of the development process and application of RFID electronic tags, for the enterprises using RFID technology, it is necessary to effectively deal with the huge data problems brought by the application of RFID technology, and improve the production efficiency at the same time. Enterprises need a data management platform, which includes back-end database, application and correct analysis ability to deal with a large amount of data generated by RFID system. In the development of the application system of military civilian integrated logistics, RFID technology should fully consider this problem, ensure an optimized data management platform and powerful data processing capability, and provide real-time, fast and efficient logistics support services for military logistics.