The Principle of Patrol system and Application Scenarios

Time:2021.07.04     Author:sertag

  Patrol management system is a means for managers to inspect whether the patrol arrives at the designated place according to the patrol route at the designated time. Patrol system helps managers understand the performance of patrol personnel, and managers can change the patrol route at any time through software to meet the needs of different occasions. Patrol management system can not only form an independent system with computer, but also be integrated into the whole monitoring system. But for the intelligent building or community, patrol management system should be combined with other subsystems to form a complete building automation system.
  The main function and function is to ensure that the patrol personnel on duty can arrive at the designated patrol point according to the route and time specified in the patrol procedure, and protect the safety of the patrol personnel at the same time.
  Electronic patrol system is divided into wired and wireless.Wireless patrol system is composed of information button, patrol handheld recorder, downloader, computer and its management software. Information buttons are installed on site, such as near the entrance of each residential building, garage, main road, etc; Patrol handheld recorder is carried by patrol personnel on duty; Downloader is a part that connects handheld recorder and computer for information exchange. It is set in computer room. Wireless patrol system has the advantages of simple installation, no need of special computer, and the system expansion, modification and management are very convenient.
  The wired patrol system is that the patrol personnel send back signals to the management computer according to the specified time and place on the specified patrol route to indicate normal. If the signals are not sent to the management computer within the specified time, or do not appear in the specified order, the system will consider it abnormal. In this way, patrol personnel problems or danger will soon be sent.
  Patrol personnel hold patrol equipment and patrol along the prescribed route. At the same time, arrive at the inspection place within the specified time, read the inspection point with the inspection device, accompanied by vibration and light double prompt when working. The inspector will automatically record the arrival time and the inspector, and then connect the inspector to the computer through the data communication line, and upload the data to the database of the management software. The management software automatically analyzes and intelligently processes the inspection data, so as to realize the scientific management of the inspection work.
  Patrol system software is installed on the computer, which is used to set the patrol plan, save the patrol records, and analyze the records according to the plan, so as to obtain the normal, missed, delayed and other statistical reports.
  Patrol management system is suitable for building and residential property, shopping malls, supermarkets, hotels, buildings, factories and mines, enterprises and institutions, such as fire prevention, anti-theft, security patrol, involving various industries.
  Patrol system can also cooperate with ESL to monitor the system by changing QR code, and Sertag Technology can provide good solutions.