ESL accelerate the automatic management of warehousing and logistics under epidemic situation

Time:2021.06.19     Author:sertag

   2020 the impact of the new crown epidemic makes 90% of the enterprises, especially the industrial enterprises, especially serious. Even though the resumption of work has gradually resumed, the staff are not in good time, so that the management of warehousing and logistics can not carry the high load operation, which will affect the performance of the warehouse operations, resulting in the decline of customer experience, the word-of-mouth of the enterprises, and the breakdown of the supply chain.  
   Machinery, equipment, system or process (production and management process) is a process in which no or few people directly participate, according to people's demands, through automatic detection, information processing, analysis and judgment, manipulation and control, to achieve the desired goal. This is automatic management, which is very important for enterprises. Because of this, enterprises have more stringent requirements on the accuracy of data, such as the accuracy of warehousing goods can reach more than 99%, can make a rapid response to special needs, can provide accurate and real-time data analysis for managers, can effectively reduce the backlog of inventory funds, and so on. This requires the warehouse management and warehouse personnel to continuously improve the accuracy, timeliness and flexibility, and the real-time and accurate display and verification of data has become a rigid need in warehousing.
   At this time, electronic shelf tags(PTL) are also used in warehouse management. Generally, electronic shelf tags can be set on automatic equipment such as high shelf, roadway stacking crane, stacking robot and AGV car to connect with OMS, WMS, WCS and other systems. Due to the passive characteristics of tags, they can display real-time data when the equipment is running, It can check and proofread the data in the operation process, which can not only reduce the workload of the management personnel, but also reduce the personnel cost and effectively improve the data accuracy of the warehouse.
   The main focus of warehouse automation management is operation automation, data accuracy, process efficiency, and PTLs just plays a very important role in the data section. It has the characteristics of long service life, passive display, strong port compatibility, simple installation and so on. It is suitable for warehouse automation management.
   Under the influence of COVID-19, the upgrading and application of warehouse automation management is particularly important for the current situation of enterprises. Even in the absence of epidemic situation, automatic management is also the necessary development and transformation in the supply chain of enterprises. Electronic shelf label is just a central part of the application of warehouse data management, which can effectively release the pressure of lack of enterprise personnel, improve management efficiency, and accelerate the process of enterprise automation management.