How about the Application of NFC

Time:2021.06.05     Author:sertag

   NFC devices can be used as contactless smart cards, smart card reader terminals and device to device data transmission links. NFC applications can be divided into four basic types. For applications such as access control or traffic / activity ticket checking, users only need to place the device with the ticket or access code close to the reader. It can also be used for simple data capture applications, such as reading web addresses from smart tags on posters. 
   Contact and confirm. For applications like mobile payment, users must enter a password to confirm the transaction, or only accept the transaction.
   Contact and connection. By linking two NFC enabled devices, point-to-point network data transmission can be carried out, such as downloading music, exchanging images or synchronous processing of address book.
   Contact and exploration. NFC devices may provide more than one function. Consumers can explore the functions of NFC devices and find out the potential functions and services of NFC devices.
1. NFC for smart media
   For phones equipped with NFC, users can access rich information or download relevant content by using its reader function. The smart media has a low-cost RFID tag (embedded or attached in the poster) which can be read by mobile phone, so as to find a variety of services in the current environment. And the mobile phone can start the mobile network service request, and immediately increase the network traffic of the operator in proportion. Operators can invest in this "instant gratification" tool to increase revenue through ringtone downloads, mobile games and other paid value-added services.
2. NFC is used for payment and ticket purchase
   NFC development trend makes full use of mobile phone function and mobile phone network, and also provides card reader and device to device connection function. The use of contactless smart card payment in the United States and the Asia Pacific region has a good momentum of development. The built-in payment programs of credit cards such as visa, MasterCard and American Express can be safely stored in a secure IC on the device. In this way, NFC phones can make full use of the existing payment infrastructure and support new services of mobile phone companies.
3. NFC is used for e-ticket
   Electronic ticket is an access right stored in electronic form, which can be purchased by consumers to obtain the admission right of entertainment places. The whole e-ticket purchase process only takes a few seconds, which is very simple and convenient for consumers. After collecting and confirming the payment information of the consumer, the electronic ticket will be automatically transmitted to the consumer's mobile phone or security chip. The user will move the mobile phone close to the automatic ticketing terminal to start the transaction. The user fully interacts with the service device, and then completes the purchase process by confirming the transaction on the mobile phone. When going to entertainment places, users only need to put their mobile phone close to the reader installed on the entrance turnstile, and the reader is allowed to enter after checking the validity of the ticket.
4. NFC is used to connect and act as a wireless starting device
   Consumers want the wireless connection to be simple and convenient, but the promise of convenience and mobility has not been fulfilled. Although ease of use has become the main driver of consumers' preference, safety performance is also a necessary factor.
   NFC is low-cost, easy to use and more intuitive, which makes it more potential in some areas. NFC can realize the communication of various devices within a few centimeters through a combination of a chip, an antenna and some software, and the cost is only 2-3 euros. The research institute predicts that by 2025, the global amount of contactless payments based on mobile phones will exceed $360 billion. If NFC technology can be popularized, it will greatly change the way people use many electronic devices, and even change the way they use credit cards, keys and cash.
  NFC, as a new technology, summarizes the disadvantages of Bluetooth technology. However, its goal is not to completely replace Bluetooth, Wi Fi and other wireless technologies, but to play a complementary role in different occasions and fields. Because the data transmission rate of NFC is low, only 212kbps, it is not suitable for high bandwidth applications such as audio and video streams.