ESL shows the new Mode of retail motion

Time:2021.05.23     Author:sertag

   Electronic shelf label (ESL) will play an increasingly important role in retail. With the Internet shopping behavior gradually deepening into public life, the consumption mode of the former physical stores has also been impacted by the Internet wave. It is a trend to rely on the new retail mode of emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence and big data.  
  The use of electronic price tag is regarded as an important measure to improve the efficiency of operation. It is called the electronic display device of "standard" of the current retail store. They mainly appear in the retail scene of supermarket, convenience store, pharmacy, 3C store and other commodity styles with different price types and high price change frequency. The electronic price tag looks similar to a small screen, which can show customers the name, origin, price and other information of the product. The display of the function is basically parallel to the traditional paper price tag, but because the electronic price tag can be connected with the computer database of the mall, the latest product information, such as the actual inventory of goods, can be displayed on the screen.
  It is understood that reducing the level of intervention of workers in the retail business environment is the main focus of the real retail industry at present. Especially at present, the proportion of human resource cost in the operating cost of enterprises is rising. The measures of replacing paper price tags with electronic price tags can save a large amount of expenses every year. When the business carries out a series of promotion activities to enhance the attraction of passenger flow and profitability, the price change frequency is more frequent. If the electronic price tag is used to change the product information, it will take shorter time and higher efficiency. The way of unified replacement in the computer background is also helpful to avoid the possible commodity information change errors under manual replacement.
  In addition, because the electronic price tag is managed mainly in the background through the Internet at ordinary times, it also enables the use of different price tags and the product information displayed on the screen to be searched in the background. Just as each commodity has its own unique ID, different products are distributed in the specific location of the store is also seen. When the quantity of goods on the shelf is insufficient, the replenisher can directly locate the specific shelf for timely replenishment. The application of electronic price tag also improves the speed of distribution.
  Compared with traditional paper price tag, electronic price tag plays a more important role in improving user sense of use. Because electronic price tag has uniform appearance and specification, consumers look more beautiful and tidy at a glance; The more firm electronic price tag will not fall off the shelf like paper price tag, which avoids the trouble caused by the price tag and the product can not be corresponding one by one; Some consumers believe that the digital font size on the electronic price tag is more convenient to distinguish, and the improvement of visual angle makes customers no longer need to bend frequently to see the price tag.