Application of PTL tag in cloud System

Time:2021.05.08     Author:sertag

  PTL means pick to light or automatic picking system or electronic label picking system. The electronic label picking system is mainly used to realize the picking operation. At the same time, the use of the characteristics of electronic tags, through the support of the corresponding software, can also help users to achieve many auxiliary management functions.
  The Advantages of PTL
1) There is no need to print the sorting list, which reduces the document processing time before delivery and saves paper;
2) Speed up the picking speed: saving the time of location searching, reducing the walking distance of the picker and checking the location and goods;
3) Improve the accuracy of picking: save the time of thinking and judging, and confirm the quantity of goods picking; The labor intensity of picking is reduced, and the staff can always maintain high efficiency;
4) Improve the efficiency of picking and reduce the cost of picking: unskilled personnel in warehouse and products can also be engaged in picking and reduce the cost of training and management; Through the improvement of picking efficiency, the number of picking personnel decreases;
5) Enhance the competitive advantage of enterprises: by using the high efficiency of PTL, enterprises can cope with the past several times of workload, shorten the delivery time, improve the accuracy of picking, and reduce the return and complaints caused by inaccurate delivery;
  The application scenarios of PTL
  PTL can replace the second sorting operation and tally operation after centralized picking of multiple shipping orders.
1) In B2C secondary sorting, PTL sorting wall is used. The sorter scans the picking order number or wave order number, binds the current sorting wall with the wave order or picking order, and then scans the SKU. The electronic label corresponding to the order on the current sorting wall will light up, prompting operator B to place the SKU in the warehouse with the light on, According to the color of the light on the sorting location, we can know whether the order corresponding to the sorting location has been sorted.
2) The PTL sorting cabinet is used in B2B secondary sorting. The sorter scans the B2B wave order or picking list, binds it with the sorting cabinet, and then scans the SKUs that have been removed from the shelves. The electronic tag on the sorting cabinet that has the SKU delivery order will light up and display the quantity of goods in the document. The sorter counts the corresponding quantity of SKUs and puts them into the corresponding delivery order sorting location, According to the color of the light on the sorting cabinet, we can know whether the delivery order in the current sorting location has been sorted.
3) When tallying with PTL, the tallyman selects the type of tallying, scans SKU by channel, warehouse area, model number, etc., and the electronic tag will light up to prompt which tallying location the currently scanned SKU is in according to the type of tallying, thus saving the tallyman's time in searching the location on the shelf and proofreading.