Precautions for Tri-color Electronic shelf labels

Time:2021.04.03     Author:sertag

(1) Do not apply pressure to the electronic shelf labels in order to prevent damaging it.
(2) Please be mindful of moisture to avoid its penetration into the EPD panel, which may cause damage during operation.
(3) If the EPD Panel / Module is not refreshed every 24 hours, a phenomena known as
“Ghosting” or “Image Sticking” may occur. It is recommended to refreshed the electronic shelf labels every 24 hours in use case. It is recommended that customer ships or stores the electronic shelf labels with a completely white image to avoid this issue
(6) High temperature, high humidity, sunlight or fluorescent light may degrade the electronic shelf labels’s performance. Please do not expose the unprotected Electronic shelf labels to high temperature, high humidity, sunlight, or fluorescent for long periods of time.
1.Storage condition of Tri-color electronic shelf labels
  1.1Transportation conditions
Temperature range: -25~60℃
  1.2 Storage condition
Temperature range: 20℃±5℃
     Humidity range: 50±5%RH
     Maximum storage time: 3 months 

Note: When the three-color product is stored, the display screen should be kept white and face up. In addition, please be sure to refresh the e-paper every three months, and the final picture is a white screen. 

2.Refresh requirement
  2.1Refresh frequency of tri-color electronic shelf labels
It is recommended that the refresh interval be at least 180 seconds

2.2 Three-color electronic shelf labels
   When the three-color electronic shelf labels is refreshed, it is recommended to update the display at least every 24 hours.

2.3 Normal use conditions of the product
Temperature range: 0~40℃
    Humidity range: 40%~70%RH

*Note: Avoid direct sunlight. For additional details, please check the product specification.