The changing in retail after using electronic shelf labels

Time:2021.01.26     Author:sertag

   Electronic shelf labels give you full control over pricing while eliminating all the usual sources of error that may occur between the checkout system and the shelf in the store. The customers always see the same price on the shelf as they do at the checkout because the prices on the shelf come directly from the store’s cash register system. This creates confidence and helps maintain good customer relationships.
   Sertag is proud to be a  world’s leading electronic shelf labeling (ESL) solution, We have more than 10 years of experience working with electronic shelf labels and have a well-developed delivery and service organization so that our customers can always make the most of the system.
   Digitization of pricing is only part of what the system can do for you. Now it is possible to optimize the pricing every day, create a better shopping experience for the customers and new opportunities for the staff to optimize their work in the store. Many retailers believe that the possibility of automatically changing prices is the biggest gain and this is the reason why they have invested in the electronic shelf labels for their store. But sertag comes with a number of other functionalities that help to streamline and simplify operations in the store:
   Smart dsiolay,The label flashes with a green light when it receives special commands or tasks, which helps both customers and staff to find items in the store.
   Interactivity With Customers,the solution can offer customers extra product information on the label, such as pictures and videos. The information can also be transferred to the customer’s smartphone.
   Geofencing,the store can be divided into virtual zones where you can present promotions to customers as they move from one area to another.
   Shopper Guidance,Pricer technology can create a virtual map that shows where various products are located. The customer can look them up on a smartphone or from another in the store.
   Task Management,our system facilitates daily work of the store. The staff can receive updates and notifications from the shelf labels with instructions, for example when a product needs refilling.
   Click & Collect,With Pricer’s ESL, store staff can use the system to produce a pick list and collect the ordered products much more efficiently, since the system helps the staff find the product’s location in the store.
   So,ESL can change the prices in the store in seconds. We save a lot of time and resources when we don’t have to change the labels manually.