Rapid development in retail is driving Electronic Shelf Label (ESL)

Time:2021.01.21     Author:sertag

   Electronic shelf market has emerged as a major segment owing to the development of retail industry in the country. Presence of major electronic product manufactures account for the growth of retail stores and further increasing the consumption of advanced shelf labels. Retailers in the country gain low cost product benefits owing to the easy availability of raw materials and components. For instance, Sertag developed smart ESL solutions that offer retailer owners optimization of store management processes and reduction in price error complaints. These solutions provide owners the guidance to place items in appropriate shelves that improves the shelf management efficiency.
   Electronic shelf label market is expected to dominate over the forecast timespan. The advanced labels integrating RF technology offer uninterrupted signals and flash capacities further aiding the increase in consumption. Implementation of RF platform in developing the ESL products improve the latency, operational stability, security, and speed benefiting the users to save energy spending.
   Hypermarkets is expected to generate significant revenue in the electronic shelf label market owing to the development extensive retail facilities in China. These stores include various outlets that operate their business in selling wide product ranges from grocery to electronic devices under a single roof. Increasing spending capacity of consumers in emerging economies account for the development of these stores further aiding the industry growth.
   Key players present in china shelf lable market include Sertag. Major manufacturers develop new product development and partnership strategies to dominate and sustain the industry competition.