Why We need Electronic Shelf Lables(ESLS)

Time:2020.12.27     Author:sertag

   Labels can be repriced manually and retailers have refined the process for years, workflows are proven, mobile computers and scanners optimize efficiencies, and out-of-hours work for re-labeling is built into system. In fact, manual pricing has long been buried in item cost. Furthermore, there are retail sectors such as high-end furniture stores that will likely always rely on manual pricing because the stock isn't perishable, moves slowly, and is pre-priced or specialist in nature.
   However, the fact that labeling has been subsumed as an operating cost needs to be looked at again. It’s time-intensive and expensive, for one major retailer's high-profile sale takes one days to reprice and involves the teams in every store. Indeed, repricing ties up associates in a laborious task that most would prefer to avoid and it takes them away from their primary job of helping customers. Store associates are always going to be limited to the number of repricing changes they can make based on the amount of free time they have available.
    If you have ESLs, the retailers can get below:
   The first, can changing prices everywhere: Our centrally managed solution makes it easy to change limitless numbers of prices on shelf-edge labels –anywhere, across one store or every store, in seconds – without the need to involve your in-store teams.
  Secondly, can reacting to trends: Use dynamic pricing strategies to change labels based on the time of day, competitor activity, or the season.
  Thirdly, can Improve service: Free up store associates to do what they do best.
  Last reason is taking care of customers.