Retailer need electronic shelf label system

Time:2020.12.24     Author:sertag

    In addition, the store has seen a 100% reduction in human error and seen an 80% time saving on label updates.
The ESL solution from Sertag links into core price management system and is centrally controlled via a computer in the store. Designated users can update the price of individual products and the system then automatically replicates this update by changing the electronic shelf label for the product on the shop floor.
   Store owner often said: “The system has really improved my store. My staff are more confident working on the tills because they are less worried about any errors between the shop floor price and the till price. They can now spend additional time on the customer’s needs. The visual promotions have also influenced an increase in product purchases. The ESLs have pushed our promotional activity higher, in a day and age where this is even more important for the customers.”
    He added: “As we respond to the pandemic, the ESL system is already benefitting the store’s social distancing policy. We have to restrict the number of customers and staff on the shop floor, and now that we don’t require up to three people changing the prices, we have more room for our customers to come in. That’s a major benefit for our customers’ experience and our revenue.”