The Benefits of Electronic Shelf Labels in Retail

Time:2020.10.12     Author:sertag

    Electronic shelf labels(ESL) are increasingly being used to display product prices in stores. This wireless retail solution is typically attached to the front edge of shelves, runs on battery power, and uses E-ink or LCD displays to indicate the current prices of products to shoppers.
    Behind the scenes, these prices are updated by a central console running label management software, and a communication gateway continuously transmits any and all changes to the network of labels. To keep ESLs cost-effective, this network must deliver the requisite range and speed while keeping its power demands low. Thanks to the proliferation of radio frequency (RF)-enabled IoT devices, more and more retailers are figuring out ways to meet these requirements.
    In fact, a wide variety of retailers that including many top global department stores, supermarkets, and drug stores are already using ESLs. What’s more, the ESL market is growing quickly: Global Market Insights projects the sector’s compound annual growth rate will hover around 16% through 2022. By then, the global ESL market could very well hit $1 billion.
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