Unmanned Supermarket Shows the Charm of Science and Technology

Time:2020.09.14     Author:sertag

   Recently I read that Wal-Mart plans to eliminate cashiers and test self-checkout. Reminds me of alibaba Group's unmanned supermarket and many supermarkets have added self-checkout machines. The combination of unmanned cash registers and electronic tags has brought convenience to our lives, and these new technologies depend on the Internet of things and intelligence applications.
   Internet of things refers to information through a variety of sensors, RFID technology, positioning system, infrared sensors and other equipment and technology, monitor real-time acquisition, connected, interactive object or process, through all kinds of possible Internet access implementation content and content, and the people in the connection, realize the items and intelligent perception, recognition and management of the process.RFID is a kind of automatic identification technology. It carries out non-contact two-way data communication through radio frequency, and reads and writes electronic tags through radio frequency, so as to achieve the purpose of identification target and data exchange.
   When you enter the unmanned supermarket, you only need to scan the electronic shelf label to choose and buy. "Unmanned supermarket" uses artificial intelligence and biometrics technology, using radio frequency technology or scanning codes to identify changes in products. At present, "unmanned supermarket" adopts "non-cooperative face recognition" technology, that is, the system can accurately capture users' biometric characteristics, and carry out matching and calculation without looking at the lens. The user needs to collect face information when entering the store for the first time and agree to the automatic payment deduction agreement. These high technologies enable no supermarket to scan code into the store, direct shopping, pick up and go, no need to check out the unmanned store fully intelligent operation.
   SERTAG is a technology company specializing in electronic shelf price tags, with many years of research and development and production capacity, can provide customers with a variety of solutions, to achieve intelligent retail scenarios and warehousing solutions.
  In a word, the Internet of things and artificial intelligence perfectly show the true change and convenience by science and technology.