The Development of Electronic Shelf Label is Huge in the 5G Era

Time:2020.09.10     Author:sertag

   Electronic Shelf Label(ESL) has been widely popularized in the retail industry at home and abroad. In the 5G advent of the era of network, the market space of 30 billion surge, this also means that the ESL will become the new retail industry occupies a unicorn, the use of electronic price tag has increased liquidity in the market, generalization, in the domestic retail industry a wide range of application of universal coverage, is only a matter of time precipitation, ESL will be the future new retail industry new mainstream display tools.
1. Data analysis
   Data analysis in the ESL application is a good direction, commodity prices very valuable data, analysis the first point is price impact on sales drive, based on the annual price movements of ESL system to collect data, combined with sales data, analysis of price pull on sales, to help managers to determine an appropriate price. For example, which shelves he stays on, and for how long, the linkage system can know what goods he finally buys and what the customer's unit price is. The ESL system behind it can also play its due role in the field of logistics, warehousing and inventory management.
2. Information interaction
   The first thing a user sees in a store is the item, and the second thing is the price tag. In the era of mobile Internet, through code scanning interaction, users can view their mobile phones and obtain the production, use, maintenance and other contents of goods. Users can also pay attention to a certain product. When the price of the product drops, the system will inform users to come to buy it in time to improve the purchasing efficiency of users. In a sense, a store is just like a museum, which displays products while selling them. Through the electronic price tag, we can open the door of the museum of commodities and learn about various knowledge of Commodities more conveniently.
3. Technological innovation
   ESLs are small, but the technological innovations associated with them are happening all the time. There are RFID tags, bluetooth tags and RFID tags. E-paper display solutions will become a low-cost solution. The e-ink screen consumes no power when not switched, and the display terminal wirelessly transmits data.
   In the era of 5G Internet of Things, digital price tag replaces paper label as an important link in the evolution of price display tools, and undoubtedly becomes one of the important signs of the new retail market. As for ESL's imagination, it remains to be seen whether the problems of the chain, which is beset by costs, will be solved by the unwinding of the upstream chain. But for now, the retail frontier is endless, and ESL's storm may be in the near future.