Electronic price Tags will Drive the Development of New Retail

Time:2020.09.08     Author:sertag

  In the first place,The trend for electronic shelf label(ESL) to replace paper labels is unstoppable.
  When the important festivals id coming, every mall began to promotion, product promotion allowing employees to replace paper price tags, the traditional paper price change need to employees for printing paper, clipping, verify the contents, such as operation, and one by one to replace the corresponding labels, often encountered in the operation process product information, do not agree with back-end systems, product date change is not prompt, the price of the product name is not consistent.
  It can be seen that many businesses that have opened a new retail model are paying attention to the application of digital price tags. It is not a simple price display tool, but a complete set of ESL system that connects online and offline and synchronizes price changes.
  The ESL system is generally composed of four parts, tagS, terminal scanner, AP base station and management platform. ESL is the core of the system, and the combination of Bluetooth module and e-ink screen is favored. ESL is an electronic display device with the function of sending and receiving information. It is mainly used in supermarkets, convenience stores, pharmacies and other digital labels showing price information. The labels are the part that the customer focused on, the display material chooses the e-ink paper, the network communication chooses the bluetooth module of low power consumption to be the current manufacturer's mainstream choice.
  The advantages of e-ink paper are as follows:
  First, e-ink screens are light, thin and more durable than regular LCD displays.
  Second, high reflectivity and ultra-low power consumption. Most displays use a backlight to illuminate the pixels so they can be seen more clearly. E-ink screens, like ordinary paper, reflect light from the surrounding environment with high reflectivity and contrast. Backlight is not needed, which greatly reduces energy consumption. At the same time, e-paper can retain the original text and pictures without requiring constant power. This makes the e-ink screen label static display no power consumption, long battery life, power failure does not affect the price display.
  Third, the visual sense comfort is high. E-ink screens are generally considered to be better for reading than regular displays. Like paper products, e-ink screens have a wide viewing Angle and are ideal for reading in sunlight without being dimmed by high-light images.
  In the aspect of network communication, considering the cost and application effect, the range of communication module is limited. Due to the high power consumption of WiFi, BLE (low power Bluetooth module) is a good choice. Button battery can run for months to years.
  Therefore, the core components of the esl are mainly the e-ink screen and the control processor of the integrated low-power Bluetooth module. This combination not only has a relatively high cost performance ratio in terms of cost and function, and is favored by manufacturers.