Why the e-ink screen widely used for the electronic shelf label

Time:2020.09.03     Author:sertag

   The rise of domestic ESL is developed with the rise of new retail. There's a lot of discussion about why e-ink screens are chosen for electronic price tags, but it's notrandom choice.
   First, It is low power consumption and high reflectivity.
   A small e-ink tag with inside button battery doomed its screen needs low power consumption, otherwise it can not live for long life; The e-Ink screen fits this description nicely, reflecting ambient light so that the text on the screen can be seen very clearly, and the text and pictures on the screen can be displayed for a long time even without power supply. For example, the service life of our epaper tag is enerally more than 5 years. it can be replaced quickly When the battery is xhausted. 
   Second, it is small thickness and light weight.
   Digital price tag is a small object, not suitable for thick design, so in the selection of the screen is also along with this choice; And the esl in the application process will need some mobile requirements.
   Third, it is good display effect.
   The e-ink screen can display a variety of text, picture, color can be black, white, red,yellow display diversity, and clarity is comfortable.
   Based on the above three points, e-ink screen is the best choice for electronic shelf label.