How to use electronic price tags in brand mobile phone stores?

Time:2020.08.19     Author:sertag

Before understanding how electronic price tags are used in mobile phone stores, let's take a look at what electronic price tags are?
Electronic price tags are electronic tags that display price information in retail scenes such as supermarkets, convenience stores, pharmacies, and electrical appliances. It is mainly placed on the shelf to replace the electronic display device of the traditional paper price tag. Each electronic price tag is connected to the computer database of the shopping mall through the network, and displays the latest price information of the commodity in real time and accurately.
In the digital age, we may have seen it in many supermarkets and convenience stores. Today we are going to unlock a new application scenario for electronic price tags-mobile phone stores.
So what kind of disruptive changes can the Yunliwuli + electronic price tag solution bring to mobile phone stores?
A. Support the unified management of all chain stores.
As we all know, our mobile phone stores have many chain stores. We cannot quickly complete the unified change of the prices of all stores with our labor alone, nor can we complete the price changes on time and on time as we do online promotions. But if we have our electronic price tag solution, we can remotely operate on the cloud platform to control all stores, and easily realize the instant price change of all store products.
B. Intelligent price change, you can no longer rely on manual price changes, and save consumables.
The most basic function of an electronic price tag is to change the price intelligently.
Compared with traditional paper price tags, the Bluetooth electronic shelf label developed by Yunliwuli has the following 7 advantages:
1. Realize rapid price change
The Bluetooth electronic shelf label adopts Bluetooth 5.0 communication technology, which has the characteristics of fast transmission rate, strong anti-interference ability and long transmission distance. The price change is fast and timely, and the price change of tens of thousands of price tags can be completed in a short time. The price change system is very simple Easy to operate, use csv to carry out daily price change maintenance.
2. Diversified product information display
Bluetooth electronic shelf labels can not only display the basic information of the product, but also display diversified product information such as promotion signs, inventory, and QR codes. The precise, clear and diversified product information display not only improves customer satisfaction, but also improves Store brand image.
3. Anti-pollution ability and durability
The Bluetooth electronic shelf label uses high-resolution, high-contrast electronic paper, which is highly resistant to water, oil, chemicals and other substances. When the price tag is in static operation, there is almost no power loss, which extends the battery life.
4. Can be reused
The Bluetooth electronic shelf label has the functions of repeated addition, modification, deletion, etc., which facilitates the replacement and update of information.
6. High security
Each electronic shelf label has a unique ID number, a unique data security encryption system, connection and transmission encryption processing to ensure data security.
7. Flexible operation
Support NFC function, PC terminal and mobile terminal can flexibly manage the background system at the same time, the operation is timely, flexible and convenient;
C. In the digital age, a larger and more digital layout allows consumers to stay in the store for a longer time and stimulate consumption.
From the unified management of the store, the intelligent price change to the improvement of the store image, and the user experience, our retailers have brought brand new changes. Looking for the Bluetooth electronic price tag in Shenzhen Yunliwuli will definitely bring it to our retailers. Come more efficiency and effectiveness.