What is the cost of an electronic price tag? How much does it cost to use an electronic price tag for a 100 square meter convenience store?

Time:2020.08.10     Author:sertag

Electronic price tags are item-level smart hardware. The actual input cost of online electronic price tags in a store mainly depends on the number of products operated in the store, that is, the number of single items, which is not highly correlated with the store area.
   For example, a 100 square meter convenience store has 1,000 products, and the application volume of electronic price tags should be about 1,000. In terms of application costs, a single store may invest a range of tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands of yuan.
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   Convenience store stores have launched electronic price tags, which are mainly divided into two parts in terms of device applications. One part is software. Electronic price tags generally have a complete set of management systems, management software, it will have software license fees, and maintenance fees.
The other part is the hardware. The hardware is mainly divided into two parts. One part is equipment, such as electronic price tags and AP base stations; the other part is accessories for auxiliary electronic price tags to be installed in various application scenarios. The overall cost of software and hardware is combined. It ranges from tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands.
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   The entire hardware system of electronic price tags mainly includes ESL servers, switches, base stations, stand-alone electronic paper tags, and handhelds. Coupled with the management software, although the cost of development is slightly higher in the early stage, in the long run, it greatly saves labor costs. Today, with high labor costs, this investment is also quite cost-effective. The main thing is electronic Price tag is a trend in the retail industry. Early investment has certain advantages over late investment. What is the cost of the electronic price tag? This is the end of the introduction for you, and I hope it will help you.