Save time, effort and money: electronic price tags electronic shelf labels

Time:2020.08.04     Author:sertag

With the continuous advancement of science and technology, the shadow of technology products can be seen everywhere in people’s daily lives. It helps humans achieve an efficient and convenient life, replaces tedious manual operations, liberates our hands as much as possible, and allows silent objects to begin to be able to themselves Work "consciously" and allow the human brain to effectively manage objects through the power of the Internet of Things technology.
Aiming at the retail industry that has enriched human daily life, today in the 21st century, it will also usher in new technological transformation and upgrading. Compared with our common traditional paper price tags, electronic price tags have begun to become the new darling of the retail industry. Demonstrating its own efficiency and convenience, saving manpower, material resources and time costs, making manual frequent printing and replacement of paper price tags cause many mistakes has become a thing of the past, opening a new chapter in electronic price tag solutions. In order to give you a clearer understanding of the functions and characteristics of the electronic price tag, the composition of the entire electronic price tag will be introduced in detail below.
The electronic shelf labels is a display device with a low-power electronic ink screen. As a terminal for external display of product information, it is also equipped with a dedicated gateway and cloud platform to form a complete electronic price tag solution. Electronic price tags can display text, numbers, barcodes and QR code content, support multiple languages ​​and custom template editing, red, blue and green LED lights can more intuitively display the status of the price tag, helping employees quickly find the corresponding products. The button battery used in the electronic price tag has a service life of up to 5 years, and the battery replacement is also very simple and convenient. The product saves time and effort in many aspects.
The Bluetooth gateway plays the role of the hub for uploading, receiving and parsing the instructions sent by the cloud platform through the network, and then transmitting it to the electronic price tag through the Bluetooth signal. At the same time, it can receive the feedback information of the electronic price tag and upload it to the cloud platform, which is effective Avoid the problem that the background does not know the success or failure of the price change.
The cloud platform is the user's "brain". This brain has comprehensive functions and simple operation. You can customize and edit the content arrangement template of the price tag display, customize the specific content of the QR code, view the displayed content of the electronic price tag in real time and control the three colors The blinking of the LED light. With this brain, the retail industry no longer needs to run around manually to replace paper price tags, and the entire store image is more uniform and beautiful; the technical display device and dynamic QR code content are more structured for consumers. With a modern interactive shopping scene, two-way interaction enhances consumers' shopping stickiness in the store.
Compared with traditional paper price tags, electronic price tags have a higher initial cost, and almost no material and time costs are consumed in the follow-up, and labor costs can be reduced by about 70%. As an existence that cannot be ignored in the new retail industry, more businesses will use electronic price tags in the future.