Electronic shelf labels will be omnipotent in the future

Time:2020.07.26     Author:sertag

2020 is an era full of opportunities and challenges. Only excellent companies and products can achieve better development. With the continuous strength of the domestic Internet, the competition in the big environment has become more fierce. The development of the intelligent era and big data continue to bring impacts. If you want to keep pace with the times, you must continue to improve enterprise technology, high-tech and intelligent, and abandon the original traditional thinking practices. , The courage to imagine and innovate. Only by constantly trying to learn and optimize through failures and setbacks can we extract the essence of success. Only by adhering to the blood of wolf and bravely innovating will not be eliminated by the trend of the times. For example, the traditional retail industry is already facing many crises and is changing to a new retail model. The most prominent is the application of electronic price tags.
So what is an electronic shelf labels? Why was it invented by humans? Because the times require it, the paper price tags in the retail industry have been gradually eliminated by the society. Traditional paper price tags need to be manually replaced and printed. Data has an infinite loop island phenomenon. The lack of information leads to a high error rate. Shopping malls have frequent promotions and manual revisions. The price requires cutting, checking, and pasting, which wastes a lot of time, and the error rate is high due to tight time; after a long time, the paper turns yellow, wears off, falls off, and loses the label. , But there is no effective fundamental solution. Then the emergence of electronic price tags is to solve the current inability to meet the needs of merchants, so as to replace the labor hands of employees, save the cost of hiring employees, and improve store efficiency.
While the electronic price tag plays a fast price change, it also gives it many functions, such as free selection of pictures, multiple background color switching, field custom settings, support for multiple languages, NFC magnetic control function, red, blue and green LED lights, low battery warning Function, data synchronization function, data verification, anti-theft function and other multi-functions, promote the interaction between customers and stores, enhance the consumer experience, and make customers feel a brand new face, which has updated the retail industry With the sense of experience. The emergence of electronic price tags has helped new retail to seamlessly connect, gave new retail new life and new blood, and also led the retail industry to a higher level of field.
So which supermarkets currently use electronic price tags? In the past year, Suning, SASA, Auchan, Rainbow, Sam, Dashang, Beichen, Lecheng Supermarket, Golden Elephant Pharmacy, Suzhou Lvyuan Supermarket and other large retail companies at home and abroad have gradually begun to popularize and use electronic price tags. Slowly popularized and slowly integrated into an indispensable part of people’s lives, but it takes time to slowly accumulate. Everything has a process to promote and adapt to its existence, and electronic price tags will be integrated into life. The consumer’s life circle has since been fully popularized into large supermarkets, gradually replacing paper price tags with electronic price tags, which slowly caught the eye of the masses, and at the same time improved the image of shopping malls and became more technological and intelligent.
Don't think that only supermarkets use electronic price tags. In fact, there are more fields that can use it. For example, office work card display, office card rental, medical field, patient information records at the bedside of the ward, doctor's desk display, pharmacy product label selection, warehouse picking, new retail industry, tobacco and alcohol industry, restaurant ordering It can be seen everywhere in labels, large-scale shopping malls, and even future airports and subways. The electronic price tag is like a treasure. It needs humans to dig to find and explore. It can create unlimited wealth and involve a lot of things. Electronic price tags can be used in all fields. There is nothing unused, only areas you can't think of. I believe that in the near future, everyone will meet electronic price tags in their lives.
Having said that, you may think that the electronic price tag is so powerful and the price should be expensive. In fact, it is not the case. The electronic price tag only has a higher initial investment cost, but in the long run, it can save costs and improve efficiency for stores. Electronic price tags are not a luxury in the retail industry, but a necessity in the retail industry. The speed of popularization abroad is far greater than that in China, but now the trend of new retail has begun, and electronic price tags are the pioneers. I believe that all major retail industries will be popular in the near future, and we will do well in Yunliwuli during this period. One thing, to be an affordable electronic price tag-Sertag series electronic price tag.