What are the advantages of new retail?

Time:2020.07.13     Author:sertag

New retail is user-centric, driven by technology, built on a plasticized, intelligent and collaborative infrastructure, relying on a new supply chain, in-depth integration of online and offline, restructuring people, goods and stores to meet user needs To improve the efficiency of the industry and realize the new retail mode of "full scene, full customer group, full data, full channel, full time, full experience, full category, full link". Smart retail is a manifestation of new retail. What are the advantages of the new retail?
1. Online and offline integration
With the gradual implementation of the new retail model, online and offline will gradually transform from the previous relative independence and conflict to mutual integration and promotion. The key is to form a true combination of online Internet power and offline physical store terminals In order to complete the integration and upgrade of e-commerce platforms and physical retail stores, the manifestation and business model of e-commerce will also undergo a fundamental change. After completing this move, the Sertag electronic price tag can perfectly solve the online and offline communication, and can interact with offline customers through QR codes.
2. Global marketing
Global marketing is to integrate all kinds of reachable consumer channel resources and establish a full-link, accurate, efficient and measurable cross-screen channel marketing system. Global marketing is a smart marketing method that uses consumer operations as the core and data as energy to achieve full links, full media, full data, and full channels.
3. Precise positioning
Based on the support of big data and massive data and analysis technology, retail enterprises can segment customers, accurately locate the user group, and then understand the specific needs of this user group, and set different consumer scene experiences according to the needs. Really understand the user, closely integrate the new retail platform and the user, and seize the opportunity for future development.
4. Enhance user experience
In the context of the rapid development of the Internet era, consumers have stronger self-awareness, especially in the context of the continuous increase in the per capita disposable income of our residents, people’s focus on consumption is no longer limited to prices, but more Pay more attention to the experience of the consumption process. Therefore, exploring the use of new retail models to upgrade the consumer shopping experience, advancing the transformation of consumer shopping methods, and building an omnichannel ecosystem in the retail industry will become an important way for companies to achieve innovative development.
5. Integration with technology
The continuous development of new technologies such as the Internet, cloud computing, big data, artificial intelligence, etc. The retail industry can achieve effective monitoring from the production of goods to consumption, and retailers can achieve control over the production of goods and achieve zero inventory management. These changes have played a role in reducing the burden on the retail industry and will directly promote the rapid development of the industry.
Through the continuous integration of online and offline, new retail can transfer online traffic to offline stores, increase user activity, provide new development momentum for offline stores, and consumers will also receive more professional services and better quality products. Enterprises need to create a brand-new retail format with the help of commercial features such as communication capabilities, data power, and socialization in the Internet era. In short, new retail will bring a revolutionary change to the entire retail industry.