New retail: electronic price tags help take it to the next level

Time:2020.07.04     Author:sertag

New retail is a concept that is no stranger to everyone at present. It includes all kinds of technology products and big data management that make retailer management more convenient and make consumer experience more comfortable. It really helps retailers in the industry. You can see more potential growth opportunities and realize more benefits. So, for retailers, how to layout new retail application environment for their stores must make appropriate choices.
Traditional paper price tags have been widely used due to the low cost in the early stage, but it has the disadvantages of labor, time, inconvenient data management, high error rate, and poor consumer experience. It has been difficult to adapt to the transformation and development needs of the retail industry, and The long-term cost of use is gradually increasing, and every industry will become a "helper" that will come into being at a new stage. The electronic price tag is a booster product for the new retail industry.
China electronic shelf labels is an important part of the new retail. It plays a leading role for customers and has the characteristics of conveying clear content and a better experience to consumers. As soon as they enter the store, consumers will see the product at the first glance, and they will inspect the price tag corresponding to the product at the second glance to understand the product information. The first glance of the consumer is very important, and the second glance is also worthy of attention. A customer who enters the store can ensure his own benefits. As a "frontier weapon" in the new retail industry, electronic price tags can display text, numbers, pictures, bar codes, QR codes and other content information, so that customers can get clear content and quality services at the first glance of entering the store. Experience. For example, consumers can scan the QR code on the electronic price tag to better establish contact with the merchant to increase stickiness, and regarding the setting of the QR code content, the merchant can customize the setting in the background, compared with the paper price Signed QR code management is more convenient, and can provide customers with the latest product information or preferential links in a timely manner. The two-dimensional code can be updated between merchants and consumers in a timely manner, allowing both parties to generate more dynamic interaction.
Retailers can manage the content information of commodities efficiently and conveniently through the back-end system corresponding to electronic price tags, which not only can better attract the second eye of consumers, but also can save manpower time costs for store management operations. The sales services provided are truly used by employees, rather than spending manpower in the repetitive price tag replacement at each promotional event. The electronic price tag uses an electronic ink screen, which can be used permanently at the same time with low power consumption, and only needs to be replaced by a battery; the button battery installed in the electronic price tag has a service life of up to 5 years, allowing customers to use it more effortlessly.
At present, the giants of the retail industry such as Hema Xiansheng, Yonghui Super Species, Sam Member Store, etc. have all laid out electronic price tags. They use actual layout to show the importance of electronic price tags in the new retail industry. As the future of the new retail industry Staff, traditional retail store managers should grasp the key to transformation, ESL Manufacturer use electronic price tags to help their own development to a higher level.