Why are electronic price tags getting more and more popular, and what is their role?

Time:2020.06.30     Author:sertag

With the rapid development of the times, commodity price tags are gradually being replaced by electronic shelf labels. In addition to the convenience of price changes, electronic price tags have many advantages and application values, making them widely used in the retail industry and bringing a new look to the industry. . In fact, many retailers want to improve the store experience and improve efficiency without losing their style. At this time, the birth of electronic price tags has undoubtedly brought a full range of different experiences for store upgrades. As for the reason why electronic price tags are becoming more and more popular, not only because of the high style, but the most important thing is its function; below we will talk about its functions together, we will use Sertag electronic price tags as an example to illustrate.
1. Convenient price change
In the past, the price change process of paper labels in supermarkets was to manually apply for price adjustment, printing, and then to the front of the shelf. Now only need to operate directly on the cloud platform, modify the price, and refresh. The refresh rate of Sertag electronic price tags is also very fast. 20,000 electronic price tags can complete all price changes within 30 minutes.
2. Cost savings
The cost savings mentioned here are from a long-term perspective. After all, the premise investment of electronic price tags is much higher than that of paper tags; but from the perspective of the next 3-5 years, it will definitely save a lot of costs. This includes labor costs and paper label printing. The labor cost is increasing every year, and the paper label needs to spend a lot of cost every time it does activities, and it requires a lot of manpower and material resources; but the electronic price tag is a cost only one-time investment, low maintenance cost later, and the battery is available5 It can be replaced after 5 years. So in the long run, electronic price tags can save a lot of costs.
3. Promotions are more timely
The major shopping malls are busy on the eve of the holidays. Once something goes wrong, it is more difficult to make up for it; because in a hurry, especially when the paper label is printed incorrectly, it is more troublesome to replace it. You don't need to worry about this problem with MTag electronic price tags, because its one-click price change method can complete the process quickly, accurately, flexibly and efficiently. Even if the time between the two promotions is very tight, there is no problem.
4. Get online and offline product information
This feature, the paper label is unmatched. For supermarkets with online malls, Sertag electronic price tags can be used to connect online to synchronize online and offline commodity prices. The MTag electronic price tag can open an API interface on the price tag management platform to connect to the online mall of the supermarket. After the third-party interface is connected, the online and offline price change can be operated on the same management platform.
5. Multi-store management
The Sertag electronic price tag cloud platform can realize unified management of multiple stores, assign different roles, manage different stores, and give different authorizations. In this way, it is convenient for multi-store chain supermarkets to realize the unified price of multiple stores, and it is also possible to view the prices of goods in each store in real time.
The trend of electronic price tags is complete, and almost all new retail formats are equipped. In the next few years, various convenience stores and supermarkets will also become popular. At present, some businesses may feel that the entire set of electronic price tags will be too expensive, but in the future I firmly believe that they will also be inclusive; because we will do the best in this industry, not only to make all merchants affordable electronic price tags, And use the best Sertag electronic price tag.