Low-cost electronic price tag recommendation

Time:2020.06.22     Author:sertag

Under the new wave of retailing, all kinds of retail stores are accelerating the pace of intelligentization, and electronic shelf labels that successfully incorporate shelves into computer programs and realize digital management of shelves have gradually received the attention of retail enterprises and started to be applied in major retail stores.
Creating higher efficiency at a lower cost is the best business effect that major retailers hope to achieve. Due to the relatively high price of electronic price tags, many retailers want to buy electronic shelves with superior performance, high cost performance, and low cost label. The editor made an in-depth comparison of the price of the electronic price tag on the Alibaba Wholesale Online and found that the Sertag electronic price tag is relatively low in price.
So what is a low-cost electronic price tag? Is the performance good? Is the price/performance ratio high? The following editor will introduce this low-cost electronic price tag to retailers in detail.
The Sertag electronic price tag is an electronic display device independently developed and produced by Yunliwu using Bluetooth low energy 5.0 technology, which can replace the traditional paper price tag. It uses a high-quality repetitive writing electronic ink screen, and the screen viewing angle is approaching. 180°, the display effect is better and more environmentally friendly. MTag has a full range of sizes, including 1.54 inches for chewing gum and other small commodities, 2.13 inches for low temperature resistance, 2.9 inches for conventional, 4.2 inches for waterproof, and 5.8 inches, 7.5 inches and 11.6 inches for large screens.
Sertag performance characteristics are as follows:
1. Bluetooth 5.0 communication technology, fast screen refreshing speed, up to 20,000/30 minutes, automatic data verification, prevent missing updates, and ensure the accuracy of data;
2. Remote one-click price change in the cloud, significantly improving the efficiency of commodity price change, effectively reducing manpower, material resources, management costs and other variable costs;
3. The screen display content can be customized and edited. It supports multiple languages, supports the display of barcodes, QR codes, and product pictures. It can link online APPs for advertising, product details, payment and other functions, allowing customers to purchase more easily and quickly commodity;
4. A variety of colors on the screen can be selected, such as black and white, black and white red, black and white yellow;
5. The red, blue and green LED lights make it easy to display different states of the price tag;
6. Support NFC function, can change price or pay in near field operation, flexible and convenient;
7. Low power consumption, powered by button battery, stable voltage, long-lasting power, refreshed every day, battery can be used for more than 5 years;
8. The fast, accurate, flexible and efficient price change method can realize dynamic pricing and real-time promotion, which can help retailers constantly improve the promotion plan, better implement the price strategy, and improve the store's efficiency.
While ensuring low cost, Sertag's performance is also superior, truly achieving a high cost performance.
Although the initial investment cost of the electronic price tag is high, the high cost is relative. The input of the electronic price tag is exchanged for high efficiency and low labor cost and operating cost. In the future, as China's labor costs continue to rise, the low-cost advantages of traditional paper price tags that require a lot of manpower and time to maintain will no longer be obvious, but can help retailers to significantly improve store efficiency more efficiently and at lower cost The electronic price tag will become the mainstream commodity price display tool for various retail stores.