What are the advantages of using electronic price tags in fresh food supermarkets?

Time:2020.06.19     Author:sertag

The products operated by the fresh supermarket mainly include fruits and vegetables, meat and poultry and aquatic products, eggs, seafood, fresh seafood, fresh food, etc. The fresh products are characterized by short shelf life and large losses. If they cannot be sold in time, they will cause losses and reduce The benefits of supermarkets, therefore, need to be constantly promoted to drive sales.
Promotion means frequent price changes. The use of traditional paper price tags requires a lot of manpower, material, and time. Real-time promotion cannot be achieved, and human operation errors are unavoidable, which will cause disputes with consumers. The use of electronic prices Signing can save a lot of trouble.
The advantages of using electronic shelf labels in fresh food supermarkets are as follows:
Remote price changes to reduce manpower
Unlike paper price tags, which require a lot of manpower and time to complete a price change, electronic price tags are remotely operated on the management platform to change prices, which simplifies the traditional paper price tags that have to be manually applied for price adjustment, printing, and then arrival The complicated workflow of replacing the front of the shelves one by one. The staff only needs to issue a price change instruction on the cloud platform. After receiving the price change instruction, the electronic price tag automatically refreshes the electronic screen, displays the latest product price information, completes intelligent price changes, and one person can quickly complete a large number of product price changes Work, greatly improve the efficiency of commodity price changes, reduce store labor costs and operating costs.
Dynamic pricing, real-time promotion
The price change method of electronic price tag remote one-click price change can quickly, accurately, flexibly and efficiently complete the price change of fresh products, realize dynamic pricing, real-time promotion, and allow fresh supermarkets to continuously improve promotional programs and better Implement a price strategy to sell more fresh products and enhance store benefits.
Quick payment, experience upgrade
The biggest fear when buying food in supermarkets is the long queue at checkout. Sertag electronic price tags support the NFC function. The administrator can set this function as quick payment. Consumers can quickly move the mobile phone close to the electronic price tag corresponding to the selected product. Enter the payment page, you can leave the supermarket after completing the payment, no need to queue up and check out, experience the upgrade.
Get online, prices are synchronized
It is difficult for paper price tags to achieve consistency with commodity prices in online malls. For fresh supermarkets that have both online malls and offline stores, electronic price tags can be used to open online and achieve the synchronization of online and offline commodity prices. The Sertag electronic price tag can open an API interface on the price tag management platform to connect to the online mall of the supermarket. After the third-party interface is connected, the online and offline price changes can be operated on the same management platform to achieve online and offline commodity prices Synchronization Update.