Low temperature resistant electronic price tag, special electronic shelf labels for supermarket refrigeration and freezing area

Time:2020.06.15     Author:sertag

Compared with traditional paper price tags, electronic price tags are extremely efficient in terms of price changes, which not only saves manpower and resources, but also improves the efficiency of store operations. Under the general trend of the intelligent development of the retail industry, some fresh supermarkets, supermarkets, unmanned supermarkets, chain stores, home furnishing stores, clothing stores, 3C stores, etc. have used electronic price tags as a display tool for commodity prices.
Electronic price tags are electronic products, and their operating temperature has a certain range. Ordinary electronic price tags cannot be placed at low temperatures and used at will. In the cold drinks and frozen food areas of supermarkets, electronic price tags need to be placed in cooler containers or even freezer at minus ten degrees, so low temperature resistant electronic price tags that can work in low temperature environments need to be used. The low temperature resistant electronic price tag is a special electronic price tag for the refrigeration and freezing area of ​​the supermarket. The following editor will introduce a high-quality low temperature resistant electronic price tag-Sertag21F.
Sertag21F is a low-temperature resistant electronic price tag specially developed and produced by Yunli Wuli for the display of commodity prices in the cold storage and frozen areas of supermarkets. MTag21F is an electronic display device developed using Bluetooth 5.0 technology and equipped with high-quality Nordic chips to replace traditional paper price tags. The Sertag21F has a simple and beautiful design. It uses a low-power electronic paper screen with a viewing angle close to 180° and a clear display. It is powered by a universal button battery, with stable voltage, long-lasting power, and long battery life.