Sertag electronic shelf labels makes retail smarter

Time:2020.06.05     Author:sertag

Nowadays, all sectors of society are developing in the direction of intelligence, and the retail industry under consumption upgrade is no exception. The proposal and in-depth development of new retail concepts have also promoted the intelligent development of the retail industry.
Retail intelligence is the use of a series of latest technologies such as artificial intelligence, big data and the Internet of Things to improve the efficiency of retail store operations. The intelligence of retail stores can maximize the benefits. In the face of market competition pressures and rising labor costs, retailers are looking for new technologies that can make stores smart, in order to reduce manpower and improve the efficiency of store operations. Electronic price tags, which are widely used in different formats, are the key drivers for the intelligence of retail stores.
Although the electronic price tag is an electronic display tool that can replace the traditional paper price tag, its function is not only to simplify the process of changing the price of goods. The powerful MTag electronic price tag can make retail smarter.
Quick price change
Unlike paper price tags, which require a lot of manpower and time to complete a commodity price change, electronic price tags can quickly refresh commodity prices and complete intelligent price changes. The price change of MTag electronic price tag is very convenient and fast. The staff can complete the price change of large quantities of commodities with a simple operation in the management background, easily get the product price changed, and realize flexible pricing and real-time promotion. The flexible and intelligent price change method of electronic price tags can help retailers continue to improve promotional programs and strengthen the store's ability to attract customers.
Simultaneous price changes
The electronic price tag management platform can open third-party interfaces to connect with customers' online shopping malls, ERP systems, cash register systems, etc., the staff can complete the synchronous price change of all channels with one-click price changes on the electronic price tag management platform . For retail stores with online malls or national chains, multi-channel price changes can be completed in a single operation, which can save manpower and improve the efficiency of commodity price changes.
Quick payment
The Sertag electronic price tag supports the NFC function and can be paid in the near field. The consumer can complete the payment by using the mobile phone close to the electronic price tag corresponding to the product. For retail stores, there is no need to set up a cash register, saving manpower and resources, and improving operational efficiency; for consumers, there is no need to queue up and check out, and you can experience more convenient shopping.
Offline entrance
The display screen of the electronic price tag can be customized and edited. In addition to editing the information such as the name, price, grade, and origin of the displayed product, it can also edit the information such as the bar code and QR code. Consumers can check the detailed information of the goods or enter the online mall, connect to the WeChat public account, etc. by scanning the code on their mobile phones, and the electronic price tag has become an important entry point for offline traffic.