Smart retail solution electronic shelf labels becomes standard

Time:2020.05.29     Author:sertag

In recent years, with people's pursuit of quality life, mid-to-high-end products and experience shopping have become mainstream, and the wisdom of online and offline integration jointly created by Internet giants and retail giants
Stores have become a new choice for consumers to shop, and smart retail has also become the main direction of traditional retail transformation and upgrading.
Smart retailing uses cloud computing, big data, the Internet of Things and other cutting-edge technologies to build digitization of retail elements such as commodities, users, and payments, and intelligentize processes such as procurement, sales, and services, with higher efficiency and better experience. Users provide goods and services.
Electronic price tag is an intelligent electronic display device that can replace the traditional paper price tag and has the function of receiving and sending information. It realizes the intelligent management of commodity shelves. It is called the standard product and key pusher of new retail. , Yonghui Super Species and other new retail stores are using electronic price tags. Electronic price tags have played an important role in the transformation of traditional retail to smart retail. The intelligence of traditional retail must first start with electronic price tags.
The screen of the electronic price tag is controlled and managed through the cloud platform, which can realize the remote one-click price change in the cloud. Sertag electronic price tags have flexible and convenient way to change prices. With simple operations on the cloud platform, the price change instruction can be issued to the Bluetooth smart gateway, and then the Bluetooth smart gateway can issue the price change instruction to the electronic price tag. After receiving the price change instruction, the electronic price tag automatically refreshes the electronic screen to complete the price change. The flexible and convenient price change method of electronic price tags greatly improves the efficiency of commodity price changes, not only reduces manpower and material resources, but also realizes dynamic pricing and real-time sales promotion, which improves store benefits.
The Sertag electronic price tag management platform can be equipped with a third-party interface to connect with customers' online shopping malls, ERP systems and cash register systems. At the same time, the online price QR code can be placed on the display screen of the electronic price tag, and customers can scan the code to enter the online mall for interaction. The opening of online and offline platforms will enable consumers to get a better shopping experience and increase satisfaction.
There is a one-to-one binding relationship between electronic price tags and commodities. When inventory is found to be too low, employees can check the location of commodities through the background to quickly replenish. Comes with red, blue and green LED lights
Sertag electronic price tags can also set the LED lights to flash when low inventory is set in the background, and employees can quickly determine the location of goods and quickly replenish.
Paper price tags require a lot of manual maintenance and updating, high cost, low price change efficiency, and wrong price tag is difficult to avoid. Intelligent electronic price tags are easy to maintain and have high efficiency in price changes, which saves manpower and improves the operational efficiency of the store. It has many advantages in cost, management and marketing. Therefore, if traditional retail wants to transform into smart retail, it is necessary to replace paper price tags with electronic price tags first, to improve the efficiency of commodity price change and replenishment, and to achieve online and offline integration.