Seven values of smart retail solutions by electronic shelf labels

Time:2020.05.25     Author:sertag

The realization of online and offline integration of new retail stores provides consumers with a brand-new shopping experience, so that consumers are increasingly demanding smart and convenient shopping scenarios. With the popularity of new retail, the competitive pressures faced by traditional retail stores are also increasing. Creating smart stores has become an inevitable choice for traditional retail transformation and upgrading.
At present, the following problems exist in traditional retail stores:
1. The replacement process of paper price tags is complicated, time-consuming and laborious, and it is difficult to achieve dynamic pricing and real-time promotion;
2. During the promotion, the store employees do not have a clear understanding of the inventory of the goods, and the replenishment is not timely;
3. Can't grasp the work trends of employees in real time, and the management of employees cannot be in place;
4. It is difficult for chain retail stores to manage all branches in a unified manner, and supervision is not in place;
5. The traditional marketing model of retail stores has the pain points of high cost, low accuracy and low conversion rate.
To solve the above problems, it is necessary to build smart stores, but for retailers, building smart stores is not easy. Choosing a smart retail solution that can bring multiple values ​​is the key. For example, based on Bluetooth 5.0 technology in Yunliwu, with an electronic price tag system as the core, smart retail solutions that integrate iBeacon, sensors, and cloud platforms can bring seven values ​​to retail stores:
1. High efficiency of commodity price change
Sertag electronic price tag cloud convenient and simple price change method, simplifying the product price change process, one person can complete the price change work of multiple people, the product price change efficiency is greatly improved, dynamic pricing, real-time promotion, and electronic price tag Automatic data verification on the cloud platform to prevent price errors or omissions and ensure price accuracy.
2. Benefit enhancement
The electronic price tag cloud price change method greatly reduces labor costs, and the electronic price tag price change is fast and timely. Retailers can flexibly adjust commodity prices, conduct more promotional activities, and give full play to the role of price in pulling consumer demand. Improve store efficiency.
3. Strengthen employee management
By wearing a positioning iBeacon, employees can realize the work process of all employees can be queried in the system, and they can grasp the work trends of employees in real time, so as to allocate employees in time and reasonably allocate the work of each employee.
4. Fast replenishment
The MTag electronic price tag can display the inventory quantity of the goods in real time. The built-in LED light can be set to flash when the inventory is low. It is easy for employees to determine the shelf position corresponding to the goods, quickly replenish the goods, and improve the picking efficiency.
5. Get online and offline
The cloud platform of this solution can open API interfaces, connect to customers' ERP, online shopping malls and other systems, and be able to access online and offline platform data to ensure that the prices of online and offline systems are consistent.
6. Precision marketing
Use big data to analyze customer shopping behaviors collected by iBeacon and online malls, calculate customer preferences, and then use iBeacon in stores to send preferential information to consumers to achieve precise marketing and improve customer shopping experience and customer conversion rate .
7. Unified supervision
Retail enterprises of chain stores can use this solution to realize unified management and distribution management of chain stores, which can effectively monitor each chain store and reduce management loopholes.
Traditional retail stores can quickly build offline smart retail scenarios through smart retail solutions to create smart stores, which can not only effectively solve the problems of weak promotional processing capacity, high error rate, low work efficiency, low picking efficiency, and low conversion rate. It can also enhance customers 'shopping experience and meet customers' high-level consumption needs under consumption upgrade.