What small details do I need to pay attention to when choosing an electronic shelf labels?

Time:2020.05.18     Author:sertag

In the new retail era, smart stores have become a trend, and electronic price tags that can replace traditional paper price tags are beginning to be known. Nowadays, electronic price tags are widely used in new retail stores. The reason is that electronic price tags have successfully incorporated shelves into computer programs. Its intelligent and electronic price change method realizes intelligent management of shelves and enables retailers to achieve Dynamic pricing, real-time promotion. The unified electronic price tag of appearance, display effect and brand LOGO not only makes the store more visible and more recognizable, but also opens up online and offline, which greatly improves the efficiency of commodity price change, minimizes manpower and material resources, and saves store Operating costs.
Facing the increasingly fierce market environment in the retail industry, many traditional supermarkets are actively seeking intelligent transformation, beginning to purchase electronic price tags and trying to use electronic commodity price display tools. When choosing an electronic price tag, in addition to the most important quality and price, there are some places that require the attention of the majority of retailers. Let's talk to you about some small details that you need to pay attention to when choosing an electronic price tag.
1. When choosing an electronic price tag, not only should you pay attention to its quality and price, but also whether its refresh rate is fast. If it is a retail store that often engages in promotional activities in the morning and evening markets and holidays, the price of the goods needs to be changed in time, so it is necessary to use an electronic price tag with a faster refresh rate. The MTag electronic price tag with Bluetooth 5.0 technology can quickly complete the update of commodity prices, allowing retailers to more easily implement price strategies, reduce labor costs, and gain a leading edge in the competition.
2. Different products are suitable for electronic price tags of different sizes. For example, frozen seafood is suitable for 4.2-inch electronic price tags with ice plug-in installation, aquatic seafood is suitable for 4.2-inch electronic price tags with waterproof rating of IP67, chewing gum and other small-sized products It is suitable for using 1.54 inch small size electronic price tags. Frozen food in the freezer needs to use low temperature resistant electronic price tags. Other conventional products are suitable for using 2.13 inch or 2.9 inch electronic price tags. Therefore, before purchasing an electronic price tag, it is necessary to estimate which types of merchandise in your store, how many, and which size of electronic price tag is suitable.
3. Procurement of a large number of electronic price tags at one time is relatively expensive, so when choosing an electronic price tag, in addition to understanding the product itself, you also need to understand the strength of the supplier. One is to determine the supplier ’s supply. What is the situation of the goods, the second is to understand what related supporting services the supplier can provide. The MTag electronic price tag in Yunliwuli has excellent performance. The ISO9001 certified own factory can produce 30,000 electronic price tags per day. The short stocking period can quickly respond to the various needs of retailers. The company's existing supply chain and production line can Obtain a clear price advantage, allowing merchants to use low-cost electronic price tags.
4. Some retailers may have online shopping malls. Therefore, when choosing an electronic price tag, it is necessary to pay attention to whether the electronic price tag management platform provided by the supplier can open an API interface to access its own online shopping mall and ERP system. Access online and offline platform data to ensure consistent online and offline system prices.