What are the characteristics and types of Bluetooth electronic shelf labels?

Time:2020.05.15     Author:sertag

Today, intelligent electronic price tags are increasingly used in supermarkets. The small electronic price tag makes it easy to modify the price of goods, saves increasingly expensive labor costs, and allows supermarkets to conduct more promotional activities to increase sales. At present, electronic price tags on the market generally use communication technologies such as Bluetooth 5.0, 2.4G, infrared, and 433MHz. Among them, electronic price tags using Bluetooth technology are relatively fast. Today, the editor will introduce some characteristics and types of Bluetooth electronic price tags, so that everyone can better understand the Bluetooth electronic price tag.
Before introducing the characteristics and types of Bluetooth electronic price tags, we must first understand what is a Bluetooth electronic price tag. The Bluetooth electronic price tag is an electronic display tool developed using Bluetooth 5.0 technology that can replace the traditional paper price tag. It consists of a housing, a battery, a PCB board, and a dot matrix electronic paper screen. The Bluetooth Sertag electronic price tag is connected to the Bluetooth base station via Bluetooth, and then connected to the Internet platform upwards. The shelf is successfully incorporated into the computer program, which simplifies the price change process of the commodity and realizes the digital management of the commodity shelf. Its intelligent price change method can greatly Improve the efficiency of commodity price changes and reduce the cost of manpower and materials, thereby enhancing the operating efficiency of retail stores.
What are the characteristics of Bluetooth electronic price tags?
1. Bluetooth 5.0 communication technology, the fastest price change can reach 20,000 / 30 minutes;
2. Ultra-low power consumption design, refresh rate / 5 times a day, the battery can be used for more than 5 years, and the battery can be replaced;
3. With red, blue and green LED lights, it is convenient to display different states of the price tag;
4. Dot matrix electronic paper screen, support multiple languages, typesetting can be customized editing;
5. Various colors of the screen can be selected, such as black and white, black and white red, black and white yellow;
6. Support the display of barcodes, QR codes and pictures;
7. Each Bluetooth electronic price tag has a unique Mac address, and the secret key is encrypted during activation and transmission to ensure the safety of products and information;
8. Support NFC function, can change price or pay in near field operation.
What types of Bluetooth electronic price tags include?
Bluetooth electronic price tags can be divided into three types: black and white, black and white red, and black and white and yellow according to the screen color. They can be divided into 1.54 inches, 2.13 inches, 2.9 inches, 4.2 inches, 5.8 inches, 7.5 inches, etc. Normal temperature type, low temperature resistance type, waterproof type, etc.
Bluetooth electronic price tags are widely used and can be applied to retail formats such as fresh supermarkets, large and medium-sized supermarkets, chain supermarkets, chain convenience stores, unmanned supermarkets, unmanned convenience stores, clothing stores, 3C electronic stores, warehouses, pharmacies, cosmetics stores, etc. Store.
The above is some introductions to the characteristics and types of Bluetooth electronic price tags, I hope to help everyone,