Four changes in supermarkets using electronic shelf labels

Time:2020.05.12     Author:sertag

Under the influence of new retail, digitalization and intelligentization of supermarkets have become a trend. Walmart, Carrefour and other supermarkets have begun to use electronic price tags that can replace traditional paper price tags. Electronic price tags have successfully incorporated shelves into computer programs, helping supermarkets realize intelligent management of commodity prices.
The value of the application of electronic price tags to supermarkets is unmatched by paper price tags. A small electronic price tag can bring the following four changes to supermarkets.
Beautify the image and upgrade the experience
The display effect of traditional paper price tags is diverse, which is not conducive to the unity of style. The unified product appearance and display effect of the electronic price tag, the unified style, and the customizable brand logo can be visually beautiful and neat, which can beautify the image of the supermarket and strengthen the brand recognition.
The electronic price tag uses an electronic paper screen with a screen viewing angle approaching 180 °. It has high contrast, dot matrix pixel display, smooth and clear fonts, and better display effects. In addition to displaying the product price, it can also display the origin and grade of the product. , Inventory, pictures, barcodes, interactive QR codes and other more comprehensive information, can be used for consumers to reference when shopping, and upgrade customers' shopping experience.
Smart price change, real-time promotion
In the morning and evening market promotion, the supermarket needs to change the price label of the goods in time. If you use paper price tags, you need to go to the shelf to replace the price tags one by one, and it takes at least 2 minutes to replace a price tag. So many labels need to be replaced, the workload is very large, and real-time promotion cannot be achieved. The price change of MTag electronic price tags is very convenient and fast. Supermarket staff can make real-time price changes through background operations, which can easily fix the price changes of goods in a short time, and realize flexible pricing and real-time promotion. The flexible and intelligent price change method of electronic price tags is convenient for supermarkets to carry out daily morning and evening market promotions. The number of promotional items can be added at will, which greatly enhances the ability to attract customers.
Low error rate, reduce disputes
The replacement of paper price tags has a high rate of manual errors, and the electronic price tags with data verification function can be checked on the management platform to see if they have been refreshed successfully, to prevent wrong price tags or missing updates. And the fixed installation method of electronic price tags is not as easy to fall off the shelves as ordinary paper price tags, avoiding the troubles caused to customers due to the one-to-one correspondence between the price tags and the products, and avoiding Customer disputes, thereby enhancing the credibility of the supermarket.
Reduce manpower and material resources, save operating costs
If the supermarket uses disposable paper price tags, each time the price changes require a lot of manual replacement, which not only consumes a lot of labor, but also consumes a lot of paper materials. The electronic price tag uses an electronic paper screen, which can change the price repeatedly, and can be updated with one key in the background, and one person can complete the price replacement work of multiple people. The intelligent and electronic price change method of electronic price tags minimizes manpower and material resources and greatly saves the operating costs of supermarkets.