How to realize digital management of shelves with electronic shelf labels?

Time:2020.05.08     Author:sertag

In recent years, with the continuous development and mature application of new technologies such as cloud computing, Internet of Things, artificial intelligence, etc., the digital transformation of various industries is continuously deepening. Against this backdrop of digitalization, traditional retail giants RT-Mart, Yonghui, Carrefour and others have joined forces with Internet giants such as Alibaba, Tencent, and to carry out digital transformation.
The management of physical retail stores has continued the traditional manual management in the past few decades, and the management of shelves has also relied solely on manual labor. Since the introduction of the new retail concept, the digitalization of various retail stores has accelerated. In order to reduce labor costs and achieve digital management of shelves, some retail stores have begun to use intelligent, electronic electronic price tags instead of traditional paper price tags as a display tool for commodity price information.
So, how does the electronic price tag realize the digital management of shelves?
First of all, the electronic price tag is changed on the cloud platform on the computer side, so the staff does not need to go to the commodity shelf to change the price tag one by one. After receiving the price change instruction through the Bluetooth smart gateway, the electronic price tag will automatically refresh, display the latest price, and complete the price change. The electronic price tag has successfully incorporated the shelf into the computer program, which simplifies the product price change process. Its cloud-based intelligent price change method has changed the situation of manually changing the price tag, greatly reducing manpower and improving the efficiency of retail store operations.
Secondly, the cloud platform that manages MTag electronic price tags can open API interfaces and JSON data connection methods to facilitate connection with retail management systems, ERP systems, etc., to open the price and inventory of retail channels for selling goods, and to realize store and APP-side product information Real-time synchronization. Using electronic price tags, retail stores can manage ERP systems, online malls, and apps in a unified manner, which can effectively improve management efficiency.
Finally, using electronic price tags with LED lights, retail store employees can turn on the LED lights of the electronic price tags on the cloud platform to blink, and LED lights with red, blue, and green colors can display different statuses of the price tags, and can realize inventory reminders. , Promotion tips and other functions. Due to the one-to-one binding relationship between commodities and electronic price tags, using the LED light function of electronic price tags, store employees can quickly locate the position of the goods and replenish the goods on the shelves in time. Can achieve better promotional effects.
The intelligent price change method of electronic price tags simplifies the complex product price change process in the past. It not only realizes the digitization of shelf management, but also gives physical stores and online stores the ability to synchronize prices, inventory, and promotions, which greatly improves the store. Operational efficiency. Therefore, for traditional retail stores, electronic price tags are an important tool for their digital transformation.