What kind of technology is currently used in supermarket electronic shelf labels?

Time:2020.04.29     Author:sertag

In order to improve the efficiency of commodity price change and get rid of the situation of manually changing the price tag, some supermarkets began to use electronic price tags as a display tool for commodity price information. The application of electronic price tags successfully solved the problem of slow and error-prone manual replacement of paper price tags in supermarket sales discounts.
The electronic price tag is connected to the base station and the Internet platform through wireless communication technologies such as Bluetooth and 2.4G. Supermarket employees can change the display content of the electronic price tag screen through the Internet platform. Electronic price tags using Bluetooth technology have a faster refresh rate and more stable transmission, and can quickly refresh the price information of commodities to meet the requirements of supermarkets to improve the efficiency of commodity price changes. In general, the Bluetooth Sertag electronic price tag has the following advantages:
1. Security: Bluetooth 5.0 communication protocol, encryption processing for connection and data transmission;
2. Fast refresh: Compared with other ESL with 2.4G, infrared, and 433MHz, the Bluetooth Sertag electronic price tag refreshes faster, and the electronic price tag within 20,000 pieces can be refreshed up to 30 minutes / time;
3. Low power consumption: ultra-low power electronic paper screen, almost zero power consumption for static work;
4. Long service life: button battery power supply, stable voltage, long-lasting power, / 5 refreshes per day, battery can be used for more than 5 years; the back is designed with a humanized knob, beautiful and practical, the back cover is easy to remove, and it is easier to replace the battery;
5. Clear display: use high-quality electronic paper screen, high contrast, dot matrix pixel display, smooth and clear font, not limited by language; screen viewing angle approaching 180 °, display effect is more superior; display area can be customized editing;
6. Good user experience: QR code, barcode, NFC realize online and offline interaction, giving customers a better shopping experience.
The principle of dynamic price adjustment of Bluetooth electronic price tags: when the product price needs to change, the headquarters sends the price change information to each store on the Internet platform, and transmits the price change data to the electronic price tag via Bluetooth through the store base station (Bluetooth Smart Gateway). After signing to receive the price change instruction, it will automatically refresh and complete the price change.
After using Bluetooth electronic price tags, supermarket employees no longer need to go to the commodity shelves to change the price tags of the products, only one employee needs to perform a simple price change operation on the Internet platform, which can easily complete the cooperation that required many people and long time before. The ability to change the price of talented commodities greatly improves work efficiency and minimizes labor costs.
Paper labels that rely solely on manual price adjustments often have price mislabeling and mismatches with cash register prices. Informatized electronic labels can improve this situation. The Sertag electronic price tag price system in the cloud can open an API interface to connect to supermarkets' online malls, cash registers, ERP and other systems to ensure the consistency of the prices of various systems, and the Bluetooth Sertag electronic price tag comes with a data verification function that can Prevent incorrect pricing or missing updates.
Therefore, after the electronic price tag is put into use, it can not only reduce the tedious workload caused by promotion and price adjustment, effectively improve work efficiency, but also avoid unnecessary losses to consumers caused by human errors and reduce the operating costs of supermarkets.