Components of an electronic price tag system

Time:2020.04.27     Author:sertag

Under the influence of new retail, the digitalization of stores has accelerated, and electronic price tags that can incorporate commodity shelves into computer programs have become the best carrier for the digitization of various retail stores. The electronic price tag system has begun to be applied by some retail stores.
So, what constitutes an electronic price tag system that can digitize retail stores? Today, the editor takes the MTag electronic price tag system in the cloud as an example to introduce the electronic price tag system to everyone in order to deepen everyone's understanding of the electronic price tag system.
Sertag's ESL electronic price tag system is composed of three parts: Sertag electronic price tag, wireless transmission base station-Bluetooth smart gateway G1-D, and operating system-Yunli Wuli smart retail platform. The following editor will introduce these three parts in detail.
1. Electronic Shelf Labels (Sertag)
The electronic price tag is the core hardware device of the electronic price tag system. Sertag uses low-power Bluetooth 5.0 technology to develop and connect and encrypt data transmission to prevent him from maliciously modifying the content of the price tag screen. Supermarkets, unmanned supermarkets, 3C electronic stores, cosmetic stores, pharmacies, clothing stores, maternal and child stores and other retail stores
Sertag electronic price tags have the following six characteristics:
1. Fast refresh: the refresh speed is faster, and refresh of 20,000 electronic price tags can be completed within 30 minutes;
2. LED function: red, blue and green LED lights, easy to display different status of price tag, such as promotion, low inventory;
3. High-quality display screen: use high-quality electronic paper screen, the screen can choose a variety of colors, typesetting can be customized editing, support multiple languages; fonts are smooth and clear, without language restrictions, the screen viewing angle approaches 180 °, display effect More superior
4. Good user experience: QR code, bar code, NFC realize online and offline interaction, giving customers a better shopping experience;
5. NFC function: support NFC function, can change price or pay in near field operation;
6. Low power consumption and long lifespan: Based on low-power Bluetooth 5.0 technology, while using ultra-low-power electronic paper screen, static work almost zero power consumption; using button battery power supply, stable voltage, lasting power, 5 times a day Refresh frequency, the battery can be used for more than 5 years, and the battery can be replaced.
Second, wireless transmission base station (Bluetooth Smart Gateway G1-D)
As a transmission medium for electronic price tags and cloud platforms, wireless transmission base stations play the role of uploading and releasing. The Bluetooth Smart Gateway G1-D is a Bluetooth device control center independently developed by Yunliwuli. It controls the MTag electronic price tag downward through Bluetooth connection and connects to the smart retail platform through the network interface. It can not only monitor the data of the MTag electronic price tag, but also Can control the MTag electronic price tag.
The Bluetooth Smart Gateway G1-D has the following five characteristics:
1. Mature data communication, using Bluetooth wireless communication technology, strong anti-interference ability, low cost and low power consumption, accurate, safe, stable and reliable data communication;
2. The range of swiping and scanning to connect Bluetooth devices is as far as 30m;
3. Two power supply modes: POE48V, micro USB 5V power supply;
4. Data can be uploaded via Ethernet or WIFI;
5. You can modify the parameters of the page configuration through the mobile phone or computer;
6. Can scan and manage thousands of devices at the same time.
3. Operating system (intelligent retail platform in the cloud)
Yunli Wuli Smart Retail Platform is a cloud platform dedicated to electronic price tag management. The platform can open API interface, JSON data connection mode, easy to connect with retail management system, ERP system, etc. Therefore, using this platform, retail stores can manage ERP system, online mall, APP, etc. at the same time; You can control the electronic price tags of each store, issue a screen refresh command, control its display content, and receive store data feedback.
Sertag smart retail platform has the following six functions:
1. Store management: you can add, modify, close / open stores;
2. Commodity management: You can import commodities in batches through spreadsheets, you can also modify / add individual commodities, and delete commodities in single / bulk;
3. Label management: You can import labels in batches through spreadsheets, label status display, and control price tags such as: price tag LED lights, air upgrades, etc .;
4. Gateway management: you can add, modify, delete, and restart the Bluetooth smart gateway;
5. Template management: You can add / delete electronic price tag display templates, edit and modify the templates, and bind the templates to the specified products;
6. User management: You can add, modify, delete users and user groups, and perform rights management on user groups.
The electronic price tag system simplifies the step of price change, makes the price change more intelligent, fast and accurate, meets the needs of frequent price changes in retail stores, realizes the data management of commodity shelves, thereby reducing labor cost investment and improving store operation efficiency.