Inventory of electronic shelf labels in different retail stores

Time:2020.04.23     Author:sertag

The electronic price tag is an electronic display tool that can replace the traditional paper price tag. Because of its accurate, flexible and efficient intelligent price change method, it is favored by the majority of retailers. Nowadays, the application of powerful electronic price tags in the retail industry is becoming more and more extensive. Below, in the cloud, we will take stock of the application of electronic price tags in stores of different retail formats.
Fresh goods in fresh supermarkets account for a high proportion, and the price needs to be adjusted several times a day. If traditional paper price tags are used, the operation and maintenance costs are very high. Electronic price tags can not only simplify the steps of price changes, make the price changes smarter, faster and more accurate, but also connect to online malls, APPs, and ERP systems, realizing the real-time synchronization of commodity prices at all ends and opening online and offline. At present, fresh supermarkets such as Hema Xiansheng, Yonghui Super Species, Jingdong 7FRESH, Palm Fish Fresh, and Earth Harbor are already using electronic price tags as display tools for commodity price information.
In order to attract and retain customers, small and medium-sized supermarkets often engage in promotional activities, and products in areas such as vegetables, fruits, cooked food, and pastries need to be adjusted in time at different times. The fast and convenient price change method of electronic price tags can complete the batch of commodity price changes in a short time, which can realize dynamic pricing and facilitate real-time promotional activities for medium and large supermarkets. Currently, Wal-Mart Huixuan Supermarket and Wumart Supermarket are already using electronic price tags.
Chain-type supermarkets and convenience stores have many stores and cross regions, which makes management difficult. The use of paper price tags is not conducive to the unified management of the headquarters. The MTag electronic price tag can realize the centralized management or distribution management of the chain stores in each area under the headquarters. The headquarters can manage the electronic price tags of all its stores on the smart retail platform and change the prices uniformly; it can also issue the management authority of the electronic price tags to various regions or an independent store to let them manage the price changes of the products themselves, and then from Check the price change records of electronic price tags in the background. In this way, the headquarters' control of the store's product prices will become very simple. At present, chain convenience stores such as Gorilla Convenience, Convenience Bee, and Easy Express are already using electronic price tags.
Unmanned supermarkets and unmanned convenience stores, as the name suggests, are unmanned retail stores that operate 24 hours a day. The intelligent price change method of one-click price change in the cloud on the electronic price tag is beneficial to the unmanned supermarkets and unmanned convenience stores to remotely control the prices of store goods in the cloud. At present, Jingdong X unmanned supermarket, Bingo box unmanned convenience store, Auchan unmanned supermarket, etc. are already using electronic price tags.
The electronic price tag can be applied not only to the above retail stores, but also to retail stores such as clothing stores, 3C electronic stores, warehouses, pharmacies, and cosmetic stores. In the future, electronic price tags with more complete functions will be more widely used in China.