Supermarket color screen electronic shelf labels to make sales more convenient

Time:2020.04.16     Author:sertag

Nowadays, promotion is still one of the important means for supermarkets to attract and retain customers. For supermarkets that use traditional paper price tags, the biggest preparation before the promotion is to change the price tags of the goods. The replacement of paper price tags requires the design of price tag effects, printing labels, and replacement of labels. The replacement process of the entire price tag is cumbersome and complex. It requires multiple people and long-term cooperation to complete a promotional price change, which is time-consuming, labor-intensive, and inefficient.
In recent years, the competition in the retail industry has become increasingly fierce. Under the pressure of multiple competitions, traditional supermarkets are facing great pressure for transformation and upgrading. Under the influence of new retail, traditional supermarkets are transforming towards intelligence, constantly upgrading the software and hardware of stores, and electronic price tags are a great weapon for the transformation and upgrading of traditional supermarkets.
Electronic price tag is a commodity price information display tool that can replace traditional paper price tags. It can not only display product name, origin, real-time price, inventory and other information, but also display barcodes, QR codes, pictures, etc. Information, get online and offline.
At present, supermarket electronic price tags are divided into three types of screen colors: black and white, black and white red, and black and white yellow. Compared with black and white screens, color screen electronic price tags are more eye-catching. If a supermarket uses a black-and-white electronic price tag as a price display tool for non-promotional products, and then uses a color-screen electronic price tag as a price display tool for promotional products, it can better distinguish between promotional and non-promotional products. The color screen electronic price tag is more visually eye-catching, can attract consumers' attention and curiosity, and can achieve better promotional effects.
The color screen electronic price tag successfully incorporated the shelf into the computer program and got rid of the situation of manually changing the price tag. Before the promotion, supermarket employees only need to perform a simple operation on the management platform to complete the large-volume commodity price change work, without having to go to the shelf to change the price tags of the promotional products one by one, the efficiency of commodity price change is greatly improved, and the labor cost can also be reduced To the lowest.
All in all, the use of color electronic price tags in supermarkets can not only quickly complete the price change of promotional products, realize dynamic pricing, and real-time promotion, but also continuously optimize and improve promotional programs, strengthen the store's ability to attract customers, and improve operating efficiency.
In order to meet the needs of supermarkets to frequently promote price changes, Muli has created an MTag electronic price tag intelligent price change system. The self-developed MTag electronic price tag can not only realize the one-click fast price change in the remote cloud, but also have a variety of colors on the screen. Can choose, such as black and white, black and white red, black and white yellow. MTag includes 1.54 inch, 2.13 inch, 2.9 inch, 4.2 inch supermarket color screen electronic price tags with four screen sizes, which can meet the diversified needs of supermarkets.
Nowadays, intelligence has become the main development direction of supermarkets in the future. Traditional paper price tags with problems such as paper waste, high labor costs, heavy workload, and troublesome product management will be phased out, and cloud price changes and real-time promotion can be realized. Color screen electronic price tags will become the standard products of supermarkets in the future.