Which types of retail stores are suitable for using electronic price tags?

Time:2020.04.10     Author:sertag

The popularity of new retail stores such as SERTAG has made electronic price tags begin to enter the public eye. Now electronic shelf labels that can help the efficiency of retail stores to upgrade have become standard products for new retail.
The electronic price tag is an electronic display device that can replace the paper price tag. Its advantages and features are as follows:
1. The price adjustment is fast, accurate, flexible and efficient;
2. Data verification can be performed to prevent wrong or missing price;
3. Synchronize with the background database to keep consistent with online, cash register and price query terminals;
4. Facilitate unified management of the headquarters, effectively monitor and reduce management loopholes;
5. Effectively reduce manpower, material resources, management costs and other variable costs;
6. Improve store image, customer satisfaction, and social credibility.
The application of electronic price tags can significantly increase the speed of updating the price of commodities in retail stores, reduce operating costs, and increase store benefits. With the expansion of the impact of new retail, electronic price tags may become the mainstream commodity price display tool in the future. Although the use of electronic price tags is of great benefit, the initial cost of electronic price tags is high, and it is not suitable for all retail stores.
Today, the editor lists several types of retail stores that are particularly suitable for the use of electronic price tags.
New retail store
In recent years, the new supermarket that integrates "fresh food supermarket + catering + experience + online business warehousing" has won widespread recognition in the market and favored by consumers. The first priority of the new retail store is to get online and offline. The use of paper price tags can not achieve online and offline inventory synchronization, and the use of MTag electronic price tags can achieve online and offline and ERP system product prices and inventory synchronization.
Unmanned supermarket
Unmanned supermarkets require all kinds of work in stores to be maximized in order to achieve unmanned stores. The electronic price tag can realize one-click price change in the remote management background, and the shelf price tags are refreshed synchronously. There is no need to go to the store to update the price tag.
Medium and large supermarkets
Medium and large chain supermarkets often engage in sales promotion and need to frequently change the prices of commodities. If paper price tags are used, a lot of manpower and time are required. The intelligent price change method of electronic price tags can realize rapid price change, and one employee can complete the price change work of many people before, greatly reducing the labor cost and operating cost. The flexible price change method of electronic price tags can also enable medium and large supermarkets to give full play to the pulling effect of prices on consumer demand and improve efficiency.
Chain supermarkets, chain convenience stores
The content displayed on the screen of the electronic price tag is modified on the cloud platform. The headquarters can send the price change information to each retail store on the cloud platform. After receiving the instruction, the electronic price tag of each store automatically refreshes to complete the price change. The use of electronic price tags in chain supermarkets and convenience chain stores can significantly improve the management efficiency of commodity price information, realize the unified management and hierarchical management of the commodity prices of the chain supermarkets and chain convenience stores under the headquarters, and reduce management loopholes.