How to install electronic price tag correctly?

Time:2020.04.07     Author:sertag

Under the influence of new retail, more and more retailers choose to replace the paper price tags with high labor consumption, high error rate, high loss rate, low efficiency and high operating cost with electronic price tags that can realize intelligent price changes. After purchasing electronic price tags with care, retailers still face a problem, that is how to install electronic price tags correctly.
There are various installation methods for electronic price tags, which can be installed according to the usage scenario by using guide rails, clips, ice plugs, T-hooks, and table pendulums. Today in the cloud, we will analyze with you in detail what area should be used to install electronic price tags.
In the seafood product area, the more conspicuous 4.2-inch electronic price tag is generally used. Seafood products are generally divided into chilled products and aquatic products. The chilled products should be installed in a more convenient way of ice insertion to avoid the electronic price tag directly contacting the low-temperature ice surface; the aquatic products are generally waterproofed to IP67 The 4.2-inch MTag electronic price tag is installed with a clip to avoid direct contact with water.
In the food and daily necessities area, products are generally placed on shelves, most of which use electronic price tags of 1.54 inches and 2.13 inches, which can be installed with rails that are more convenient to disassemble. The electronic price tags installed by the guide rails have uniform specifications and neat specifications, with better visual effects.
In the vegetable and fruit area, the neatly arranged and relatively small area of ​​fruits and vegetables can be installed on the electronic price tag with rails, and the packaged and sold large area of ​​vegetables and fruits must be installed with a clip to highlight the electronic price tag, so that people can see at a glance See the specific selling price of fruits and vegetables.
In the promotional area, people are most concerned about the price of the product sold. In order to let customers see the discounted promotional price of the product at a glance, it should be installed with a clip that can highlight the electronic price tag to highlight the preferential price of the product.
In large supermarkets, there are generally 3C electronic stores. People pay more attention to the parameters of 3C electronics. The electronic price tag of the table-mounted installation is more convenient for customers to view the parameters of electronic products. Electronic price tag.