How does the electronic shelf labels change the price?

Time:2020.03.24     Author:sertag

The rapid price change of the electronic price tag is realized through an electronic price tag system composed of a Bluetooth smart gateway and a cloud platform. The electronic price tag can be operated and changed on the cloud platform. The manager only needs to modify the price information of the product on the cloud platform, and the price change instruction can be issued to the store's Bluetooth gateway, and then the Bluetooth smart gateway issues the price change instruction of the cloud platform to the electronic price, and the MTag on the shelf is electronic After the price tag receives the price change instruction, it quickly refreshes the electronic screen, displays the latest product price information, and completes the intelligent price change.
Unlike the paper price tag, which requires a lot of manpower and time to complete a price change, the electronic price tag remotely changes the price by one-click, and only one person can simply complete the price change work of the product on the cloud platform. The efficiency of price changes has been improved, and store labor costs and operating costs have been reduced.