What are the advantages of smart retail stores?

Time:2020.02.17     Author:sertag

In the new consumption era, traditional offline consumption channels have been unable to meet consumer demand. More and more stores have begun to become intelligent. Internet giants and brick-and-mortar businesses have tested new species and built smart retail stores, such as Ali's Hema Xiansheng, New retail stores such as JD.com's 7FRESH, Century Lianhua's Whale Selection Future, and Yonghui's Super Species are all relying on advanced technology to provide customers with more attractive services in a more personalized way and attract customers to enter Shop consumption.
Under the influence of new retail, offline consumption trends are rapidly changing, and smart retail stores have become a new way for offline stores to re-engage consumers. In general, the advantages of smart retail stores are as follows:
Reduce labor costs
Smart retail stores use electronic price tags that can change prices with one click in the management background instead of paper price tags. One person can complete the price change of multiple people. Sertag electronic price tags shelf labels have a built-in check function to prevent price errors or updates Omissions to reduce disputes caused by inconsistent prices. The well-known Ali Hema Xiansheng, Yonghui Super Species, and JD 7FRESH all use electronic price tags.
Improve store operation efficiency
Smart retail stores use new technologies to replace manual operations to improve work efficiency. Compared with the use of electronic price tags that can quickly change prices instead of paper price tags, self-checkout machines are used to allow consumers to self-check out. The use of new technology has greatly reduced the operating efficiency of the store while reducing labor costs.
Collect data to improve efficiency
Smart retail stores use technology such as passenger flow statistics systems, RFID tag sensing, iBeacon positioning systems to collect consumer offline consumption behavior data, and then use data analysis to understand consumer demands, thereby formulating corresponding supporting programs to enhance stores benefit.
Better shopping experience
Smart retail stores' intelligent shopping scenarios, personalized consumer services, accurate discount information push, and convenient payment methods allow consumers to have a better shopping experience from entering the store to checking out.
Improve store image
Customers often enter the store because of the visual appeal of the store and the recognition of the brand, and the comfortable experience and thoughtful service in the store will promote consumer behavior. Smart retail stores make offline transactions more fun and smarter. After the creation of smart retail stores, intelligent consumption scenarios have improved consumers' shopping experience to a certain extent and established a better store image.
Under the background of high offline store rents, low customer traffic, and increasing labor costs, traditional retailers urgently need to embrace new retail, build smart stores, complete intelligent transformation of stores, continuously upgrade customer experience, and reduce store costs In order to get out of trouble. Yunli Wuli, as a professional IoT solution provider, has specially designed ESL smart retail solutions for new retail. This solution can help retailers quickly build offline smart retail scenarios and build smart stores.